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Our Family Plays Games, LLC is an African American family-owned business whose mission is to promote growth and awareness of the modern board game hobby. From day one, their goal has been to bring more BIPOC’s and families into the board game hobby. They launched on social media in 2018, posting about the board games they played and events they attended. In January 2020, they started posting videos on YouTube and by June 2020 were featured on Good Morning America. Since then, they have been featured on several programs and in publications, such as - NBC News Online, Senet Magazine (UK), Ligadas.com (Brazil), a variety of YouTube programs, podcasts, and on local television in Omaha, NE. In January of 2022, they launched a second program on their channel, called OFPG Voices to highlight other underrepresented voices in the hobby. In addition,, they make special appearances at board game conventions all around the country and work with board game publishers from around the world.

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