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Digital Love Letter, Terraforming Mars and Splendor available together for less than £10

One hell of a Humble Bundle.

Love Letter, Terraforming Mars and Splendor are all included in a Humble Bundle that costs less than £10 ($13).

The Game Night Humble Bundle is a collection of digital board games that are available at a discounted price. Players can get their hands on a selection of video game versions of tabletop games and donate money to a non-for-profit organisation, by paying ascending amounts of money to unlock a varying number of games.

For less than £1 (£0.76/$1), the digital versions of the classic social deduction game Love Letter, as well as the area control game Smallworld, are unlocked – alongside a piece of downloadable content for Smallworld called Grand Dames.

Ticket to Ride digital board game version

Paying at least £8.81 ($11.48) will give players access to a wider selection of digital board games including A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition, the tabletop title inspired by the fantasy novels written by George R R Martin, the video game version of The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition, the digital version of Terraforming Mars and Blood Rage: Digital Edition.

This tier also contains everything in the previous one, alongside some more downloadable content for Small World and DLC for Ticket to Ride – Europe – despite not including the base video game. Players can get 20% off the digital edition of popular dungeon-crawler board game Gloomhaven, as well as unlock Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace – an original video game inspired by the Arkham Horror Files universe.

At £9.70 ($12.64), players unlock all of the above on top of the video game version of beginner games Splendor – as well as some additional DLC for the game – Ticket to Ride, alongside the France and Legendary Asia DLC packs, and Carcassone – which comes with the Inns & Cathedrals downloadable content.

All of the video games included in the bundle have been published by Asmodee Digital, a company that’s responsible for releasing many digital board games, including video game versions of family board game Takenoko and Isle of Skye.

The Game Night Humble Bundle is live until April 21st, with players able to choose from a selection of charities of their choice to donate money to including the American Red Cross, Child’s Play – an organisation that seeks to provide young people with access to video games – GamesAid and the UK-based transgender support organisation, Mermaids, amongst others.

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