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News reporters in a fantasy world: The lore behind our new D&D series Storybreakers

Advantage on Investigation.

Launching on the 4th of November 2022, Storybreakers is a brand new Dungeons & Dragons actual play adventure from the Dicebreaker Team. I’m Wheels, and I’ll be your Dungeon Master in this exciting and hilarious new story. But before the show begins, let’s introduce the setting. (Be warned, there are very light spoilers ahead! If you want to go into the show completely fresh then we’ll see you on the 4th of November.)

Storybreakers is set in an original world by the name of Runfae, created by yours truly. A magical realist and anachronistic world where wizards enchant magical boxes with glass screens to bring television broadcasts to fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons-inspired locales.

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In Runfae, life isn’t too different from our own. Away from the dangerous and wicked wilds on the outskirts of civilisation, your average citizen is more concerned with local gossip and politics than monster attacks and evil wizards. There to report on it all is media giant, the Oghnassi News Corporation.

The ONC has long held a monopoly over all reporting in the kingdom - and, whilst it might not have the most stellar reputations for truthful journalism, there aren’t many alternative new sources to get the latest updates from. There also aren’t many places for would-be reporters to hang their hats either.

Enter our protagonists, the Storybreakers. Honest-to-goodness truth-seekers and investigative journalists trying to bring some real reporting to their local paper, the Soscire Star. Their reward? A stint in one of the most rundown and featureless towns in the entire kingdom, Ragrump.

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Nothing much happens in the small and downtrodden town of Ragrump. Everyone knows everyone, and there ain’t a whole lot to know. Not much more than a few shops litter the single high street, and nestled right in the middle of a fishmonger and an antiques store is the Ragrump local office for the Soscire Star.

Here in this dank and dusty office, the high-flying world of news reporting grinds to halt in a mire of local bake sales and obituaries. This town is where exciting young prospects watch their careers die before their eyes. But our heroes will soon learn that Ragrump isn’t all that it appears to be…

Shortly after the team’s formation they learn of a slew of strange disappearances, unprecedented geological activity and the confusing arrival of a bonafide celebrity; all in the first few days on the job! Everything is certainly not as it seems in this backwater village.

There’s plenty more to learn about the world of Runfae and the characters of Storybreakers. To find out more, why not watch the official trailer or our live Q&A stream here? Or stay tuned here on for some exclusive character introductions that will go into the backstories of our four player characters, with a new one dropping every day before the first episode premieres on November 4th over on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel.

We’ll see you this Friday for the first episode of Storybreakers. You can find it free of charge on at 6pm GMT, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT.

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