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A new website (launching autumn 2019) and YouTube channel (live now) about tabletop games. Join us!

Whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran, whether you’re into big games, small games, coop games, nail-biting strategy games, miniatures, card games or tabletop RPGs, there’s something here for you.

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The team (so far)

Photo of Johnny Chiodini

Johnny Chiodini


Johnny has been making videos on the internet since 2008 for the likes of Eurogamer, GameSpot, ITN and Channel 4. Eventually, he was able to wangle a job talking about his greatest passion - tabletop games.

His current favourite board games are Merchants and Marauders, Twilight Imperium, Mysterium and Root - however it’s in tabletop RPGs that his heart truly lies. Whether it be D&D or Deadlands Reloaded, Symbaroum or The Expanse, Johnny is truly at his happiest rolling dice on a slightly-too-small table (preferably with a healthy supply of ale on hand). It’s been nearly a decade since he last had a shave.

Photo of Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan


Michael "Wheels" Whelan started life in the video game industry working as a community manager and content producer on games like the Total War franchise and Sorcery! 4. Using this as cover, he was able to integrate his lifelong enthusiasm for tabletop into his job by starting a new series of tabletop livestreams on Total War's marketing channels.

By joining Johnny on Dicebreaker, Wheels is now able to talk about board games full time, and will be found both in videos and lugging heavy boxes of cardboard around events near you. His current favourite games are Cyclades, Star Wars Rebellion and Ten Candles.