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Poll: Do you prefer playing with miniatures or meeples?


Image credit: Tim Ford

The rule for design of playing pieces seems pretty standardised. Meeples for simpler objects or concepts (and often in Eurogames), miniatures for individual units where scale and distance matters. But which one do you prefer playing with?

Miniatures are extremely detailed and allow you to customise them yourself when you paint them. But meeples are ready to go (unless you leave your miniatures unpainted) and have that blocky charm to them.

All of the board games I've ever played have used meeples, so I'm perhaps a bit biased in my response to this question. I like the abstractness which comes with meeples, but they can also be really adorable. I may be slightly obsessed with the capuchins in Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game.

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Miniatures to me can feel overwhelming. Particularly when it comes to painting them, as I'm not particularly dexterous or arty. My little units would definitely end up with a botched paint job.

(While this isn't strictly board game related, meeple is also a much easier word to make good puns with which gives it another win in my book.)

How about you? Do you like the idea of playing Warhammer 40k with meeples? Would it make a difference to you if your Carcassonne farmers were miniatures holding rakes and hoes? Or maybe you're not fussed about the pieces in board games! Come and let us know - do you prefer playing with miniatures or meeples?

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