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Hannibal and Hamilcar bring two out-of-print classic historical wargames back to crowdfunding (Sponsored)

Gamefound campaign offers exclusive metal miniatures for pair of card-driven strategy games.

Image credit: Phalanx

This article is sponsored by Phalanx. Find out more about Hannibal & Hamilcar and back it on Gamefound until May 24th.

Two classic historical board games retelling the clash between Rome and Carthage during the Punic Wars have returned to crowdfunding, giving you another chance to pick up the out-of-print pair of card-driven strategy titles.

The latest Gamefound campaign for Hannibal & Hamilcar brings together designer Mark Simonitch’s acclaimed nineties wargame Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage, in its new streamlined and revised Classic Edition, with Hamilcar: Silver Edition, designed by Raymond de Maria based on Simonitch and John Rodriguez’s Hannibal companion game Hamilcar: First Punic War, which used similar gameplay mechanics and some of the same components to focus on the naval portion of the conflict.

Both games put a card-driven system at their heart, with each of two players controlling either Rome or Carthage using an asymmetrical deck of strategy cards to command their units around the map, reinforce their armies, sway different regions to their control and trigger historical events based on the period. When armies collide - whether on land or at sea - a separate set of battle cards are used to resolve clashes, requiring players to juggle their political and military ambitions to achieve overall victory.

Hannibal & Hamilcar’s combined re-release in 2018 was named BoardGameGeek’s Best Wargame at the Golden Geeks that year, with the original Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage taking home the same award and the top prize for Best 2-Player Board Game a decade earlier. The two-in-one title currently sits at a BoardGameGeek user rating of 8.3 out of 10, with over 6,700 reviews, making it the 18th highest-rated wargame on the site at the time of writing. Unlike the collected re-release of Hannibal & Hamilcar, this latest printing sees the two games' newest editions offered as separate boxes.

Image credit: Phalanx

Publisher Phalanx’s latest crowdfunding campaign for Hannibal & Hamilcar over on Gamefound provides another chance to pick up the out-of-print games - separately, or together in a bundle - along with a new exclusive set of metal miniatures finished in a dark wash to represent the Roman and Carthaginian generals in both titles. The miniatures will only ever be available via the crowdfunder, Phalanx confirmed.

Both games can be had for €80 together or €45 each, with the 26 metal miniatures contained in a €95 wooden storage box illustrated with Hannibal Barca; €160 will get you the full package of both games and the new shiny figures. The re-released games are expected to arrive in August next year, with the Gamefound campaign giving you until May 24th to pledge.

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