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Poll: How important is a board game's artwork to you?

Different strokes for different folks.

Image credit: The Pokémon Company

I have something to confess. Despite being a huge Pokémon fan, I own about 15 cards from the TCG. I'd buy more because I like collecting things but honestly? I'm not that enthusiastic about a lot of the artwork on the cards…

Admittedly I've also never played Pokémon TCG, though that's less about my opinion on the artwork and more to do with my game habits and preferences. If I was a trading card game aficionado though, I don't think the artwork on Pokémon cards would stop me from playing it.

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But what's your opinion on artwork in board games? Do you feel that a game needs good artwork in order for you to play it? Or does it not matter to you at all? Come let us know - how important is a board game's artwork to you?

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