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Poll: What's your favourite setting for board games?

Let's do the time warp again.

We all have our favourite genres of games, whether it's deck-building, social deduction, or wargames. But do you find yourself gravitating towards games with a particular setting? If so, we want to know!

A game's genre doesn't limit its setting - Axis and Allies and Warhammer 40k are both wargames, but the former is set during World War 2 whilst the latter has a futuristic, sci-fi setting. Warhammer Age of Sigmar even extends the genre to fantasy, which perhaps isn't the obvious setting you'd think of when talking about wargames.

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Here at Dicebreaker, we try to cover a wide range of games in terms of their genre and setting, so we'd like to know what settings you like in your board games. Got a thing for ancient and medieval history? Or do you like playing games set in the opposite timeframe, a couple of millenium in the future?

I've got to say, I have a particular soft spot for ancient history thanks to Takenoko. Competing as a panda's keeper in an imperial court? Heck yeah. So come have your say and let us know - what's your favourite setting for board games?

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