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Upzone’s 3D terrain is like a pop-up book for your Warhammer and D&D battles

All the benefits of a gaming table you can store in a box.

Everything Epic, creator of the Rambo and Big Trouble in Little China board games, has expanded into gaming periphery with Upzone, a pop-up terrain system that folds out from flat to reveal papercraft buildings and terrain designed to work with a number of popular miniatures games and systems.

According to its Kickstarter, which has already more than doubled its funding goal of $50,000 (£37,781), Upzone wants to provide landscapes for players “with limited space, limited time, or a budget”. The terrain lays flat as a board game board for storage and can be mixed and matched for modular setups. Each board is outlined in a square, one-inch grid and constructed of paper and recycled cardstock.

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Recent stretch goals have unlocked reusable stickers and scatter terrain, including boxes, trees and an 11-inch river.

Upzone was designed to be fully compatible with Warhammer: 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars Legion and others. Its creators claim the three-dimensional terrain can hold the weight of most miniatures, within reason. Photos on the Kickstarter page show a narrow ledge with nothing beneath supporting around 55 grams, while a well-buttressed second-storey floor held 173 grams of plastic.

The three available boxes feature crumbling architecture, a dank dungeon and a sand-blasted pyramid. The detail on the pop-ups is impressive and doesn’t stray too far in one genre direction, meaning you can feasibly reuse the terrain for a number of settings and systems. Setup in the videos looks easy enough, though players will still need enough space for the boards to lay flat once opened.

The Kickstarter for Upzone runs until December 3rd and is expected to arrive with backers next October, with specific shipping dates to be detailed later.

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