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Create your own barbarian baker and other Dungeons & Dragons 5E cooks with the Dragon Stew supplement

No roast for the wicked.

A new unofficial Dungeons & Dragons 5E sourcebook focused solely on cooking has landed on Kickstarter.

Titled Dragon Stew, it includes tools for both players and dungeon masters that cover special cooking classes, dessert familiars and cooking rules.

First off, your character can adopt a cooking class, which accompanies your main D&D 5E character class. For example, you could be a barbarian baker, or a rogue seasoner.

There are four in total, including the Baker, who can make dishes sweet and also bake a dessert familiar; the Seasoner, a cooking class that specialises in the use of spices which can grant them combat skills like resistance to fire damage and can coat their weapons (or fists) for additional damage; the Presenter, meanwhile, is more an embellisher that can make any dish look amazing, as well as using their silver tongue to enhance spells with a verbal component; finally, the Tracker is able to track down prey and interact expertly with animals.

Dessert familiars: including a craboissant and an eclairret.

A fey spirit that can inhabit all foods, cooks can also summon up their own dessert familiar. All have specific skills depending on what type of creature they are. They also make excellent scouts, as when they stand still, they are indistinguishable from the pastry that made them.

Dessert familiars include a ‘dog roll’, a ‘mochat’, a ‘craboissant’ and an ‘eclairret’, among a host of other delectable cuties.

You can enjoy a set of new cooking rules, including the likes of how to make a milkshake out of an elemental creature, a lovely Bento Box based on owlbear meat or a red dragon gazpacho. Some of these recipes will provide temporary bonuses to your characters, like fire resistance.

Dragon Stew also features a short Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign named The Cooking Trial, which serves as an introduction to all the cooking rules. Described as Monster Hunter meets The Great British Bake Off, it’s a level five adventure that sees you competing to cook a fearsome monster.

The Dragon Stew project is a collaboration between concept artist Antonio Demico and publisher Metal Weave Games, which is currently working on a tabletop fantasy RPG adaptation of pixel-art video game Hyper Light Drifter.

The Dragon Stew Kickstarter campaign has made over £15,000 thus far, exceeding its original goal of £3,379. The upcoming RPG supplement will be available to back until March 11th, with editions of the book estimated to arrive with backers in September 2020.

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