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Meehan’s memories of PAX Unplugged 2022 – from Funyuns to Old Spice

Brit in the big city.

We went to PAX Unplugged 2022 earlier this month, where we hosted our very first Tabletop Awards show, played Cyberpunk with Cody Pondsmith and watched Clue with a live audience. For the largely British Dicebreaker team, besides our Texan reporter Chase Carter, it was also a chance to experience the many delights that the city of Philadelphia had to offer. As someone who had never been to the city before, it was a unique and interesting experience – one that I wanted to share with our beloved members. Get ready to be taken on a tour of Philly by an ashamedly British tourist who found some undoubtedly very normal things exceptionally amusing.

Walking the streets of Philadelphia three things largely stood out to me: one, every building towers over you like you’re a Borrower, two, every driver is constantly beeping their horn and three, there were posters advertising someone called Barbera Jeeps everywhere and we couldn’t figure out who that was and what they did. Nevertheless, we were able to find some excellent drinks at various establishments, including a very strong but delicious Old Fashioned at a bar that played an endless playlist featuring the most generic country music on God’s green Earth. I also had several of these amazing burnt orange and bourbon cocktails at a Thai restaurant where we spent most of the evening deliriously laughing from jetlag.

The food highlights of Philadelphia were most definitely found at the Reading Market, a food hall of sorts that featured eateries showcasing Philly’s various culinary offerings. At Pearls I had an incredible salmon omelet with homefries on one morning and cinnamon French toast with glazed apples on another. I also enjoyed a delicious pumpkin pie-esque donut, as well as a thoroughly stuffed vegan Reuban sandwich which is something I’ve been craving for a very long time. Some unfortunate lowlights of Philly included a coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, a tiny vegetarian meal and getting to Chili’s only to find it fully booked.

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