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Alex Meehan

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Former Senior Staff Writer

A bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language from the University of Southampton and several articles in the student magazine has led Alex Meehan to write about music, video games and tabletop gaming for around 10 years.

After graduating, Alex pursued a freelance career writing for several notable outlets such as NME, Kotaku UK, Official Xbox Magazine, Waypoint and Tabletop Gaming magazine about everything from Mass Effect to Call of Cthulhu. She also went through a phase of spending way too much time and money on cosplaying as various video game characters.

Having been at Dicebreaker from its very beginning, Alex has covered everything tabletop gaming in news scoops about the hottest trading card games, exciting previews on the newest board games, well-researched features about tabletop RPG communities and opinion pieces on the D&D movie. Besides her writing, Alex is also known for appearing on the Dicebreaker Podcast, Dicebreaker’s actual play series Storybreakers and several other videos on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel.

In her free time, Alex enjoys playing video games that make her mad, watching gross horror movies, learning Japanese and cooking very large bowls of pasta. Alex lives with an incredibly naughty, needy and noisy cat called Coffee.