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Adventure Time’s official RPG will let you play as Finn, Marceline or wholly original characters

A “Yes, And” mechanic drives collaborative storytelling that doesn’t rely on a bunch of maths

Screenshot from Card Wars episode of Adventure Time
Image credit: Cartoon Network

Fans of the popular animated series Adventure Time can return to the Land of Ooo and craft their own whimsical tales when an upcoming tabletop RPG adaptation launches a Kickstarter campaign later this summer.

Adventure Time: The RPG comes via a partnership between Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros., which holds the Adventure Time licence. Cryptozoic has adapted Finn and Jake’s universe into tabletop games before via a real version of the in-universe Card Wars, alongside other titles in their portfolio such as the DC Deck-Building Game and The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary.

Cryptozoic said in a press release that the game has been designed to welcome non-tabletop RPG fans into the hobby with as much ease as possible while still providing meat for the seasoned players to chew on. Adventure Time found an audience with young children and older adults alike thanks to its whimsical but earnest tone, and its RPG translation will aim to hit the same target by “allowing players to get as silly or heartfelt as they please”.

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The publisher worked with Forever Stoked Creative to design the core mechanic driving Adventure Time: The RPG’s narrative-led gameplay. This “Yes, And” mechanic uses a custom array of dice to determine the outcome of contests and conflicts, but the table will be crafting a collaborative story as they play that focuses on character arcs and internal conflict over maths-heavy engagements.

Speaking of characters, groups will be able to fill the shoes of Adventure Time’s main cast (which I desperately hope includes BMO) with ready-made sheets, or craft their own inhabitant of Ooo from scratch. Characters focus more on their unique collection of abilities and traits rather than appearance, allowing individuals free creative reign within a world already known for its eclectic cast.

The core rulebook will contain several pre-written adventures for groups to explore, including a tutorial-esque scenario especially designed to teach players the rules as they progress. Most of these adventures will focus on the characters’ personal stories and goals rather than sending them into extant dilemmas as generic adventurers or mercenaries.

Cryptozoic says they have partnered with several independent and third-party creators who will design zines and supplements for Adventure Time: The RPG that allow other core rule systems to be slotted into the game or otherwise modularly replace sections of the engine. If fans like the feel of a particular system, the publisher doesn’t want fans to feel turned away by the default rules but instead empower them to custom tailor their experience.

“We’re excited because the customization options make the possibilities endless,” said Matt Fantastic, Creative Director of Forever Stoked Creative. “Adventure Time fans will love it, but so will anyone who loves to dive headfirst into the world-building and problem-solving that comes with a quality RPG.”

The Adventure Time: The RPG Kickstarter campaign launches soon, if “late summer” is accurate, but Cryptozoic has not yet provided a specific date nor any information on a timeline for the eventual retail release of the game. Keep checking Dicebreaker for more information as it becomes available.

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