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Best gifts for Dungeons & Dragons lovers 2024

Roll a crit on gift giving.

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Image credit: Dicebreaker

Considering what a blockbuster year it’s going to be for the tabletop roleplaying game, you will undoubtedly be looking for the best gifts for Dungeons & Dragons lovers.

After the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and Baldur’s Gate 3 this year, existing fans have had plenty to be excited about, while there are likely even more fans of D&D than there ever have been.

Best Dungeons & Dragons gifts

With the latest version of D&D set to be released sometime next year, there’s never been a better time for people to get into the dice-rolling, monster-fighting, spellcasting roleplaying game.

Whether you have friends, family members or loved ones who are currently D&D fans or are looking to get into the game – especially if you’re a fan yourself – here are the best gifts for Dungeons & Dragons lovers.

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Duckie dice

These duckie dice make a quackin' gift.

A set of polyhedral dice is an essential for any D&D player, you can’t really play the RPG without them - unless you use a digital dice roller, but that’s no fun at all. Whether the person receiving your gift is currently a Dungeons & Dragons lover or if they’re on their way to being one, giving them a new set of polyhedral dice is a no-brainer.

This particular set of dice is positively adorable, made with clear plastic and each containing a tiny little rubber duck inside. Not only is this marvelously a practical gift, it’s also a good looking one and is sure to charm anyone sitting at the table. Another plus to these cute little dice is you can use them to play in the bath, if you so choose, you also get a free dice bag!

Buy the duckie dice at Etsy.

Natural Scenty dice-filled bath bomb

Scrub off those bad rolls

An image of a dice-filled bath bomb from Geeky Clean.
The dice will fall out of this bath bomb when it fizzes into your bath water. | Image credit: Geeky Clean

Geeky Clean is a company that produces bath products themed around various geek-related themes, including the almighty Dungeons & Dragons.

Natural Scenty is one of their dice-filled bath bombs, which are exactly what they sound like: bath bombs that, when dissolved, release a collection of polyhedral dice. Not only does Natural Scenty smell wonderful, with its cherry-flavoured aroma, but it also contains an adorable set of dice that are perfect for the next D&D session.

If you know someone who loves soaking in the tub between fights with giants and gnolls, then this is the perfect D&D gift for them.

Buy the Natural Scenty dice-filled bath bomb from Geeky Clean.

D&D glasses

Perfect for sipping your Dwarven Celebration Brew.

Delving into dungeons and/or dragons is thirsty work, and whichever side of the screen you sit, it’s important to stay hydrated. It’s also good to have a drink on hand to toast your successes, or, if necessary, aid in drowning your sorrows. Whatever their beverage preferences and requirements, help the D&D player in your life remain refreshed and on brand with this selection of pint glasses featuring familiar faces from the fifth edition core rulebook covers. Available as singles or a money-saving bundle of all three, they’re sure to go down well.

Buy the D&D glasses from Good Smileus

The Party Box of Holding

An epic extravaganza

An image of a D&D Party Box.
There are many wonderful little D&D treats in this box of goodies. | Image credit: MysteryDiceGoblins

Can’t decide on a single D&D gift? No problem! This Party Box of Holding contains a smorgasbord of D&D-adjacent gifts that would delight any player or Dungeon Master.

Created by the Mystery Dice Goblins, the Party Box of Holding is a collection of various stickers, pins, cards and, of course, dice, all of which are themed around Dungeons & Dragons. The stickers feature nice artwork and adorable little puns, while the pins look great attached to any player’s bag and the dice range comes in a variety of colours. On top of all that, the box also includes a collection of D&D-themed sweets for players to snack on.

Surprise the D&D fan in your life with this lovely selection of treats and tools that will surely be of use during their RPG sessions.

Buy the Party Box of Holding from Etsy.

D&D 5E Character journal

Journals designed to be used for noting important information
These beautifully illustrated journals are ideal for making important notes.

Any Dungeons & Dragons player worth their salt should have their own D&D journal. Having a journal for your games of the tabletop RPG enables players somewhere to note down important information about the various quests their characters embark upon, helping them to keep track of everything and do the best roleplaying possible. Journals can also be used to write or draw helpful notes about potential puzzles that players might encounter in their journeys, providing an essential reference for solving any brainteasers blocking their way.

This particular D&D 5E Character Journal features pages that are perfect for making important notes, as well as noting down aspects about a player’s character – such as their stats, spells and current status – providing a great way for players to alter their character without touching their character sheet. The front cover also features a beautiful and very Dungeons & Dragons-appropriate illustration, with a range of colours available to choose from. Help make your D&D friends and family’s lives easier with this snazzy D&D 5E Character Journal.

Buy the D&D 5E Character journal from Etsy.

D&D session notepad

Keep adventures on track

A D&D-themed notepad.
This is the perfect gift to incentivise any D&D player to start taking notes. | Image credit: LootQuest

The best Dungeons & Dragons players are the ones who take notes during a session. This present will help them do just that.

Rather than using whatever notebook they have lying around their house, why not provide your friends, families and/or loved ones with a snazzy notepad that’s D&D-themed? This notepad is ideal for keeping track of important events, characters and locations from your latest D&D adventure, with separate sections to write in for each. There’s even a section to put notes in for your next session to remind you of important things to do or people to see.

Pretty and practical, this D&D notepad is an excellent gift choice for those who regularly play Dungeons & Dragons.

Buy a D&D session notepad from Etsy.

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D&D blanket

Cosy up with this super soft D&D blanket.

Comfort your fellow players or warm your DM’s cold, cruel heart with this cosy blanket. Big enough to get wrapped and snuggly in, small enough to cart to a session without any fuss, the polyhedral dice design is stylish enough to roll in anywhere. Made of anti-pilling flannel and machine washable, it’s sure to last and easy to clean. Be warned though, this blanket may give cold resistance and +1 AC, but it also gives disadvantage on saves versus naps.

Buy the D&D blankie from Amazon US

Dice soap

For getting out of slippery situations

An image of soap filled with dice.
Players who get sweaty hands from all those dice rolls should clean up with this soap. | Image credit: CraftyPenguinGB

Besides the bath bombs from Geeky Clean, polyhedral dice have also made their way into other bath-related products - including this collection of scented soaps.

If there was ever an incentive to keeping clean – besides the obvious personal hygiene – then getting access to some super cool polyhedral dice for your D&D games is among the best. You can get these brightly coloured dice in varying different shades, as well as select from a vast number of scented soaps for them to be suspended within, like a wonderful-smelling skeleton in a gelatinous cube.

Spice up anyone’s cleaning routine with one of these lovely dice-filled soaps.

Buy dice soup from Etsy.

Beware of the Smiling Dungeon Master Classic T-Shirt

A t-shirt depicting the words of Beware the Smiling DM
All D&D players will understand your pain when you're wearing this t-shirt.

Whilst the world of Dungeons & Dragons has its fair share of terrifying monsters – from the intelligent Beholder to the brain-sucking Mind Flayers – ask any D&D players what the scariest sight in the game is and they’ll likely reply with: their dungeon master’s smile. It is a known fact that a smiling DM usually means that they have some kind of devious trap up their sleeve that they’re just dying to spring onto their unwitting players.

This stylish T-Shirt is a perfect reminder for your D&D-playing loved ones of that frightful sight and an indicator to their fellow players that they share their pain. The design itself is simple but gorgeous, featuring an ancient-looking tome, a collection of dice and the scroll depicting the words “Beware of the Smiling DM.” Amuse and slightly unnerve your gift recipients with this neat-looking T-shirt, which comes in multiple different colour options.

Buy the Beware of the Smiling Dungeon Master Classic T-Shirt from Red Bubble.

Time out chair for bad dice

Discourage bad rolling

An image of a time out chair for dice.
It's not guaranteed that this time out chair will make the dice roll better, but it's nice to imagine it could. | Image credit: LYNX Store

Rolling a bad result for an important skill check or saving throw in Dungeons & Dragons never feels good.

It’s a semi-tradition amongst tabletop RPG players to swap out dice whenever they’re getting bad rolls from a particular set. This little model of a chair is the perfect place for any player or DM to put a die that has been giving them especially poor rolls. Complete with a dunce hat to place atop the badly behaved die, this little time out chair is cute and, hopefully, effective at persuading dice to roll better.

Any D&D player will appreciate the great in-joke, and may even find a use for it during their games.

Buy the time out dice chair from Amazon.

D&D mug

A D&D themed mug.
DM's can remind their players who's in charge when drinking from this mug.

This one is specifically for the dungeon masters in your life. Having a regular DM is a wonderful thing in that you have someone whose Dungeon Mastering style you’re familiar with, as well as undoubtedly being a person you enjoy seeing and spending time with. However, as much as the DM can be a fantastic storyteller and individual to hang out with, there’s always something sinister about putting the lives of your characters in the hands of someone else.

This mug represents that dark side of your DM or of a DM that you know. Sporting the phrase “The Tears of my Players”, the mug depicts a D20 with a thick tear either side, serving as a reminder to the players that their very DM is as much of a threat to them as the various monsters they may face. Simple but stylish, this mug can provide the perfect receptacle for holding a hot drink of the DM’s choice or even whatever dice they might need to keep to hand during their games. Indulge in your DM’s darker side with this morbid mug.

You can buy the D&D mug from Etsy.

Dungeon Master’s Tea

Featuring the caffeine they desperately need

An image of some D&D tea.
Whenever things get too dicey in your D&D games, it's a good idea to have a refreshing tea break. | Image credit: HoneybadgerGames

Being a D&D dungeon master is stressful work, especially when trying to keep a band of mischievous adventurers on track.

This is why the Dungeon Master’s Tea from Honey Badger Games could be a lifesaver for your DMing friend or family member. A loose-leaf tea – meaning that the drinker will need an infuser – the Dungeon Master’s Tea is a black whisky tea that’s designed to be drunk during RPG adventures The blend contains black tea leaves, safflower petals and other natural flavours to give a DM the energy they need to keep storytelling.

Revitalise any DM, or player, with this delicious D&D-themed tea gift.

Buy the Dungeon Master's Tea from Etsy.

Official Dungeons & Dragons 2024 yearbook

A particularly excellent tome

An image of the Official D&D 2024 yearbook.
Stay up to date with D&D, even when your campaigns are on hold for the holidays. | Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

If you know someone who can’t get enough of reading about Dungeons & Dragons, then be sure to direct them right here to Dicebreaker.

Otherwise, you can get them the Official Dungeons & Dragons 2024 yearbook – an annual of sorts that features pages and pages of information on the fantasy RPG. From information on D&D lore and insights on the latest adventures to tips about how to be a good player and/or DM, this book contains heaps of knowledge that’s valuable to any D&D lover. There are even interviews with members of the D&D community.

Those hungry for more Dungeons & Dragons content will find a hearty meal with this D&D yearbook.

Buy the official Dungeons & Dragons 2024 yearbook from Amazon.

D&D-inspired socks

Will protect against any Cone of Cold

An image of some D&D themed socks.
Is it really a gift list if there isn't at least one pair of socks included. | Image credit: Fantasydice Store

The classic present is arguably a pair of socks - so obviously we had to include at least one on this list of the best D&D gifts.

This collection of socks features two unique designs inspired by iconic Dungeons & Dragons imagery: axes, daggers, d20 dice, mimics and, of course, dragons. Not only do they look cool, these socks will help keep any D&D player or DM’s feet nice and warm – avoiding any potential indecision caused by having cold feet.

Fashionable and fun, these socks are a brilliant gift for anyone who loves D&D.

Buy the D&D-inspired socks from Amazon.

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