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Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel hit with one month delay

Publisher Wizards of the Coast blames the setback on “production issues”.

Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons 5E supplement Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel will arrive in the eager hands of players a little under a month later than previously expected.

Originally slated for June 21st, the collection of adventures from brown and Black authors will instead be released on July 19th. Publisher Wizards of the Coast announced the delay from its official Twitter account, saying the set back was “due to production issues,” but did not offer any further information. Dicebreaker has reached out for clarification.

The delay has also affected the release of Campaign Case: Terrain, which will now hit shelves on August 16th instead of July 19th. The Campaign Case line offered boxes of punch-out tokens, terrain pieces and other physical accoutrements that Dungeon Masters could use to enhance the table presence of their sessions.

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Wizards went on to clarify that the upcoming return on science-fantasy setting Spelljammer will not be affected by the same delay, and sourcebook Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is still scheduled to land from orbit on August 16th. Campaign Case: Creatures also reportedly escaped this presumed hiccup in production.

Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel is the latest adventure anthology for D&D, following on last year’s Candlekeep Mysteries. The book holds the honour of being the first product for the mega-popular tabletop RPG fully written by creators of colour with 16 credits filling its 224 pages. During its reveal, Wizards of the Coast said the book’s contents will focus less on combat than previous adventures and will span a gamut of genres, from brooding horror to more lighthearted and goofy high fantasy capers.

The adventures all take place on the material plane and will shine the spotlight on both less-visited parts of D&D’s current setting in the Forgotten Realms alongside wholly new locales - the titular Radiant Citadel acting as a hub city. Playgroups can take a party of adventures all the way to level 14 with the included material, but each will work as its own standalone adventure that can be slotted into existing campaigns.

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