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Sally Phillips and James Acaster are among the comedians playing more Dungeons & Dragons for Comic Relief

Raised funds will offer COVID-19 support.

Comic Relief is bringing another set of popular UK comedians to the gaming table in order to fundraise aid for those affected by COVID-19

Comic Relief plays Dungeons & Dragons: Episode 2 will air December 4th, featuring comics and former Taskmaster contestants James Acaster, Lou Sanders, Phil Wang and Sally Phillips playing a session of the popular fantasy roleplaying game. Like the rest of us, they will be playing digitally from their respective homes.

Paul Foxcroft will return as the dungeon master from this spring’s previous charity playthrough, where he led comedians Sue Perkins, Nish Kumar, Sara Pascoe and Ed Gamble through an adventure. An improv comic and host of the live-streamed comedy Questing Time, Foxcroft will have his hands full with a mix of newcomers and self-professed “huge gamers”, according to a press release.

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Like last time, viewers can donate during the stream to vote on various decisions the players or the DM must make in the course of the game. Donation-based voting is open now to elect a curse target, monster and magic item the comedians-turned-adventurers will eventually face in the course of play.

The charity said the first episode managed to raise over £25,000 that was donated to several organisations in the UK and abroad to help combat the health and economic effects the coronavirus continues to wreak.

Comic Relief’s second Dungeons & Dragons live stream will air on Tiltify starting at 7pm GMT on December 4th.

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