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Disability-focused Dungeons & Dragons supplements raise funds for Bristol Children's Hospital Play Team

Holy wheels and words.

Community creator and Bristol Children’s Hospital Play Team member Isaac Cooke Khan has released a pair of Dungeons & Dragons 5E supplements to raise funds for the organisation’s continued efforts.

In partnership with online awareness project DnD Disability, Khan developed a subclass for paladins called the Oath of Accessibility, along with an game-ready NPC paladin named Rapunzel Huemann. Together, they show an intentional design highlighting how wheelchair use and disability can be woven into a character’s story and combat kit without necessarily limiting their choices relative to others at the table.

A subclass describes all of the additional abilities, spells and maneouvers a class, such as a paladin, gains access to when they elect it and normally reflects some narrative justification. Khan designed the Oath of Accessibility to allow players to champion the push for fair access and understanding, regardless of disability.

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“The Tenets of the Oath of Accessibility are about creating an equal opportunity for all, regardless of the circumstances or any previous discrimination. People can and should be encouraged to follow their dreams, which is one of the strongest beliefs a Paladin of this Oath upholds.”

The subclass provides players access to a number of Oath-specific spells chosen for their ability to aid others whose senses or mobility might be impeded, such as Rope Trick, Tongues and Bigby’s Movement. They also gain access to a combat wheelchair - designed by Sara Thompson - that acts as the Paladin’s steed and comes equipped with battle-ready upgrades when the character summon’s it from a apparent pocket dimension where it hangs out when not in use.

Rapunzel Huemann is a 10-th level Oath of Accessibility paladin NPC that uses a combat wheelchair in battle. Her backstory details an ordeal with an injured orc that started her journey, and explains her righteous motivations. The once-herbalist also specializes in mitigating pain and treating what can’t be outright cured.

Both supplements are available for free in conjunction with DnD Disability and Bristol Children’s Hospital Play Team. The Play Team coordinates with hospital staff to provide learning, support and relief for young patients undergoing surgery or prolonged care. Often, that takes the form of toys, books, or instructional material. Other times, they use games to make the patient’s stay more comfortable and inviting. The fundraised money will directly support those efforts, according to the GoFundMe’s organizer.

The Oath of Accessibility resources can be downloaded from DnD Disability’s website.

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