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You can own a replica of Dungeons & Dragons' Yawning Portal Inn next year for $350

Seriously, mind the gap.

The most famous tavern with a deathtrap in the middle can soon be the main attraction of your tabletop game night when in April 2021 WizKids will begin selling a physical rendition of Dungeons & Dragons’ Yawning Portal Inn.

The admittedly elaborate terrain piece carries a $349.99 (£262) price tag and arrives painted, but assembly falls to you. When constructed it provides three floors of tavern space, a winch and bucket to ride down into the namesake portal, and LED lighting that plays off an infinity mirror to provide that “yawning” effect as your characters descend into the depth.

Your money also procures a moving truck-full of furniture, decorations and a miniature of Durnan the barkeep. Tables, chairs, beds, mugs, bottles, kegs and more will let you customise the inn to your specifications. More LED lights in the fireplace and walls provide apt ambiance if your session prep begins somewhere in the ballpark of “It was a dark and moonless night…”

The terrain provides clips for WizKids’ Warlock dungeon tile product line, allowing the Yawning Portal to neatly latch with any other terrain already at your disposal. Polygon reports the package will include clips that allow compatibility with both the OpenLock system and Fat Dragon Games’ Dragonlock system.

In Dungeons & Dragons fiction, the Yawning Portal Inn is a popular watering hole for adventurers either back from their latest quest or itching to find the next. Many will visit the tavern situation within the heart of Waterdeep just to peer over the ledge of the dry well nestled in the center of the ground floor. Those deep in their cups might even accept an invitation to ride the bucket into the caverns of Undermountain far below.

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