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Magic: The Gathering’s next two Fortnite Secret Lairs have opened preorders

Remember to tap your bus driver.

Image credit: Epic Games/Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering is continuing its relationship with one of the most popular live-service video games, this time expressed through two new Fortnite-themed Secret Lair drops. Preorders for both Secret Lair drops are open now and will remain so only until the morning of July 25th.

The collection of Fortnite cards will be packaged in a standard drop as well as the Landmarks and Locations collection. The first reskins seven already printed MTG cards with new artwork in the style of Fortnite’s colourful world of cartoonish violence. The second contains one each of the five Basic Land cards in the game showcasing familiar locations across the map where the battle royale video game tosses its players.

For the unfamiliar, Secret Lairs are publisher Wizards of the Coast’s line of premium cards reprinted with special alternate artwork commissioned specifically for the drop. They are available for a limited time and function as a conveyor belt of collectibles with a price tag to match. It has also become the avenue through which WotC teams up with other companies for in-world crossovers. The resulting mashups are considered part of the Universes Beyond imprint and kept separate from the TCG’s core sets.

Here are the cards from both drops:

The first drop, which applies new artwork to already existing MTG cards, contains one each of the following cards under a new name:

Both drops are available in foil and non-foil versions for $39.99 and $29.99, respectively. The currently expected shipping date is September 2nd, according to Wizards of Coast, and preorders will close on July 25th at 9 am Pacific US time. More information about these drops and the Secret Lair line can be found on MTG’s dedicated website.

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