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Here’s an exclusive first look at Killian Lu, a new character in Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming Strixhaven set

Mage you look.

Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming set enrolls players in the magical academy of Strixhaven, one of the most prestigious schools in the multiverse with a penchant for producing high-calibre spellslingers. Dicebreaker is happy to exclusively reveal one of those bright pupils.

Early in their tenure students join one of five colleges that most closely align with the magical predilections in order to hone instinct into mastery and make some like-minded friends along the way. One of those five is Silverquill, the College of Eloquence, aligned with both Black and White mana. Their members know the potency of words and how to wield them - sometimes quite literally - as weapons.

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Silverquill mages speak their magic into being or otherwise use a trademark pitch-black ink for both offense and defense. Stylish in the classroom and in combat, the members of this college take their guiding motto - “Sharp Style. Sharper Wit.” - to heart. The preeminent Silverquill is competitive and strong-willed, with the courage to lead and the mental acuity to reckon with the cost.

All of those features can be found in Killian Lu, a human mage-student in his second year at the Silverquill College of Eloquence. Handsome features, a sharp jaw and his immaculate midnight black hair might immediately draw the eye - not to mention the always-dashing monotone suit - but his implacable determination and work ethic have engendered him to both his peers and Strixhaven’s faculty.

Some might say that pressure is a direct result of having the Silverquill dean as a father - the master poet is reportedly a stern man who drives his son to graduate at the top of his class. Rigid discipline and an ever-watchful eye catches any of Killian’s mistakes, and his father is quick to remind him of the lineage of inkmasters that comprise the Lu ancestry. Killian’s failures are his father’s failures - and that of the family, by extension. Weakness in any pursuit is simply not an option.

Killian trains in secret to address his shortcomings and only ever displays a detached professionalism for his fellow students and teachers. Whether due to his father’s constant vigil or his own desire to master both the light and dark elements of Silverquill’s trademark magic, Killian vows to only ever make a mistake once. If only he didn’t find the light so difficult to embrace.

Wizards of the Coast has not said whether or not Killian Lu will appear on a card in the Strixhaven set, due to release on April 23rd, but he provides a clear frame for the characters that will fill the magic school setting. Previously spoiled cards show familiar faces cropping up - sometimes with strange new names - and drastically different tones among the five colleges. What conflict or evil they might face has yet to be revealed, but we do know wizened dragon founders are somehow involved.

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