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Best Warhammer gift ideas for Christmas 2022

We Three Snotlings.

Image credit: Workshop

Gift-giving is a potential minefield when Warhammer is involved. Grandma almost certainly doesn’t know the difference between an Orc, an Ork and an Orruk, and even friends who are in the know probably don’t know exactly what we need for our latest projects.

Very specific letters to Santa and online wishlists can help provide Warhammer gift ideas, but it takes an organisational effort that the Administratum would baulk at. Of course there are always vouchers, which are great, but hardly the most exciting thing to tear into on Christmas morning.

That said, things are a lot easier now that Games Workshop has made a bajillion pounds and is a widely-recognised hashtag brand. No longer are we hobbyists despised as cave-dwelling goblin creatures, but celebrated as cave-dwelling goblin creatures who can be marketed at! Relatives can now buy you traditional Christmas tat like socks and scented candles that have been emblazoned with the logos of all your favourite Warhammer factions! Praise Be’la… I mean the Emperor. Of course. Let’s get on with these Warhammer gifts, shall we?

1. Warhammer 40,000 socks

It may be cold, grim and dark in the 41st millennium, but your feet don't have to be. Image: Games Workshop

The true sign of getting old is when you go from sighing in disappointment whenever you receive socks at Christmas to cherishing every single pair. Yes, they’re very practical, but it’s something else you don’t have to remember to buy for yourself and, while you now have one foot in the grave, at least your tootsies will be toasty. GeeDubs is offering a range of Warhammer socks, so you’ll be able to demonstrate your dedication to the Imperium with your feet.

£10 from Games Workshop

2. Warhammer scented candles

Ever wondered what the Chaos God of lust, greed, excess, pain, pleasure, perfection and hedonism smells like? Wonder no more. Image: Merchoid

Lots of us discover wargaming in our teens, a time when many struggle to maintain certain levels of olfactory attractiveness, both about their persons and in their abode. While the humble Lynx gift set has long served as a ubiquitous, if slightly ineffectual, solution to the former, it can be harder to deal with the latter. Never fear, you can now encourage the younger hobbyist in your life to freshen up their bedroom a little with this range of Warhammer scented candles. Or you can buy one yourself and have a few gaming mates round to have a giggle while you figure out what the heck a candle based on Nurgle, god of pestilence, is going to smell like.

£18 from Merchoid

3. Nurgling plush

Squeeze tight, but maybe don't breathe too deeply. Image: Merchoid

I don’t need to make a feeble attempt to be funny here, do I? Just look at him, he’s adorable. And gross. But mostly adorable. You know you want to buy one for yourself and one for every other person in your life who is vaguely interested in Warhammer.

£19 from Merchoid

4. Warhammer: Second Edition Codex Coasters

Don't spill your paint water! Image: Warhammer Merch

I hadn’t seen these before I started working on this guide and I instantly fell in love. You don’t have to be an old fart to appreciate the gorgeous, classic artwork on these coasters, but if you have been around long enough to remember these Warhammer books being on the shelves, there’s a good chance that you care deeply about beverages leaving rings on your coffee table, making these the perfect gift. The unusual shape representing the proportions of the original Second Edition books make these pretty eye-catching, so while they may be incredibly nerdy, at least they’re not square.

£12 from Warhammer Merch

5. McFarlane Toys Ogryn Action Figure

Ogryn appears in the new Darktide video game, and gets an especially expressive scult in this figure. Image: McFarlane Toys

McFarlane (the company, not the actual guy, I don’t think he makes them all himself) has been producing these Warhammer 40,000 action figures for a few years now and they’re a lot of fun. Colourful, faithful and, most importantly, chunky recreations of some iconic troops from across the 41st millennium, they even do a bunch that aren’t Space Marines! I could have put any number of these in this guide, but I had to pick this Ogryn, a tie-in for the new Darktide video game. Not only is he the new hotness, but that head sculpt is brilliant, adding bags of character to the figure.

£38 from Amazon UK/$40 from Amazon US

6. Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Bathrobe

I mean, what more is there to say? Image: Merchoid

More stuff from Merchoid, this time in the form of this cosy-looking bathrobe. Much like the candles, this is something that had to be included because I still can’t quite believe that it exists. It’s a Chaos bathrobe! It has weird fabric pauldron things on it so that you can stomp around pretending to be the galaxy’s softest Chaos Space Marine! The hood is an added bonus. Maybe you could buy one for the hobbyist in your life who you really wish would hide their face more often? The possibilities, just like the infinite expanses of the Warp, are endless. Also available in an Ultramarine version for boring people.

£38 from Merchoid

7. Adeptus Custodes Cushion

A soft place to rest your helmet and dream of Henry Cavill. Image: Warhammer Merch

This year, millions of people will spend Christmas wishing that they were snuggling up to Henry Cavill. Unfortunately, the actor/nerd/incredibly handsome man/unofficial Warhammer brand ambassador is something of a limited item, leaving the vast majority of those people deeply disappointed. For only £25, you can help ease their suffering by purchasing them a nice, plush cushion featuring Henry’s favourite Warhammer 40,000 faction, the Adeptus Custodes. Please remember, an unobtainable celebrity crush is for life, not just for Christmas.

£25 from Warhammer Merch

8. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Soulbound RPG Starter Set

Soulbound is the latest crack at turning the world of Warhammer into a tabletop RPG, and one of the best to date. Image: Cubicle 7

Roleplaying games have been part of Warhammer since the very beginning, but with the recent resurgence in popularity of tabletop RPGs, it’s a great time to encourage Warhammer players to check out a different form of tabletop gaming. Soulbound is an absolutely fantastic RPG set in the Age of Sigmar, and this gorgeous starter set makes for the perfect introduction. It contains everything you need to get started, including some rather fetching dice, and the included adventure and guide to the city of Brightspear make it a great purchase for existing Soulbound players too. And it’s better than D&D.

£18 from Zatu (UK)/$24 from Amazon US

9. JoyToy Space Wolves Invictor Warsuit

A massive mech, with a price tag to match. Image: JoyToy

For a really impressive collection centrepiece, may I humbly suggest a JoyToy Invictor Warsuit? Much like McFarlane, JoyToy produces a range of licensed Warhammer 40,000 action figures. The difference is that while the McFarlane figures are more of a mass-market thing, the JoyToy figures are aimed at toy collectors. At 1/18 scale, they’re a bit smaller, with a Space Marine standing at around 12cm in height, but they’re incredibly detailed and poseable with loads of accessories. Before picking up the Warhammer licence, JoyToy was primarily known for producing similarly small action figures that were pilots for large robots, expertise that they’ve used for this massive Invictor Warsuit. At 30cm tall, it has some real shelf presence and is a tonne of fun to play with.

$250 from JoyToy

10. Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarine Bauble

Take your pick of Ultramarine... Image: Games Workshop

Last, but certainly not least we have this stunnmn hgbj,uíIEIBFOIUBWODobnfoajfdnwaifdoiaaahhelp

Dis is da voice of DA REVOLUSHUN!!!!11!! Youz wontnt buy this crummy ‘umie ornan…borbl…ball! youZ will get dis wun feecherin’ me, DA RED GOBBO!

...or Red Gobbo Image: Games Workshop

Lookit dat ‘andsome mug dere ta remind yez of da tru meenin of Krumpmas FREEDOM 4 GROTZ!!!!!! VIVA DA REVULOSHUN!!!!! GIT YER BALLLLLZ

£8 from Games Workshop

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