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Critical Role will explore the Mighty Nein’s origins in a new series of graphic novels

Like a backstory wiki, with pictures.

Critical Role: Mighty Nein Origins artwork
Image credit: Critical Role/Dark Horse Comics

Popular D&D actual play joint Critical Role announced today a new series of graphic novels that delves into the lives of the Mighty Nein before they joined the adventuring party.

A collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, the first issue of The Mighty Nein Origins will release on June 16th 2021 and provide a peek into the early life of the cleric Jester Lavorre.

The second volume, covering the wizard character Caleb Widogast, is slated to release July 14th 2021. Critical Role has not released publication dates for any other subsequent entries in the series.

Writing the story for the first volume is comics veteran Sam Maggs, whose previous work includes Captain Marvel and The Unstoppable Wasp. Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le will provide line work and colours, respectively.

The second volume will be written by Jody Houser, who previously worked on Vox Machina Origins, as well as Stranger Things and StarCraft: Survivors. Selina Espiritu will handle the line art, while colours will be done by Diana Sousa.

Critical Role: Mighty Nein Origins artwork
Image credit: Critical Role/Dark Horse Comics

The Mighty Nein is the second protagonist cast of the long-running Dungeons & Dragons series, following the conclusion of the original Vox Machina story. Critical Role previously published graphic novel adaptations and extensions of the world of Tal'Dorei with Dark Horse.

Critical Role said in the announcement that the appropriate cast members, along with DM Matthew Mercer, will provide feedback in the process of creating each volume. Pre-orders for both physical and digital versions are now available through select retailers.

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