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Meehan’s favourite horror movies for Halloween

From sci-fi scares to gothic gore.

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For those of us who love scary films, Halloween serves as an excuse to get your friends and family to sit their cowardly butts down in front of something spooky. To make it even easier to convince your nervous victims that they’re going to have a good time, I thought I should provide a list of some of my favourite horror films.

What can I say about Ridley Scott’s seminal horror masterpiece that hasn’t already been said by thousands of YouTube video essays? Mostly set on a spaceship populated by employees of a futuristic corporation who are unfortunate enough to come across a deadly extraterrestrial, Alien isn’t just an incredible horror film – it's an incredible film in general.

Despite being over 40 years old Alien has aged amazingly well, largely in part because of the timeless set design and clever use of practical effects. The scene wherein John Hurt’s character is torn apart by a newly born xenomorph is still a masterclass in tension and release, building the audience up – letting them down – before suddenly unleashing full hell upon them.

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