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Storybreakers characters: Winona Whisperbane, the ranger with a bow and nowhere to use it

A babe in the woods

Launching on the 4th of November this year, Dicebreaker’s brand new Dungeons & Dragons actual play show, Storybreakers features an exciting cast of original characters played by the Dicebreaker team. Read on to learn more about senior staff writer Alex Meehan’s alter ego, Caryaries West - one of the four player characters featured on the show alongside Dungeon Master Michael ‘Wheels’ Whelan, who created the world Storybreakers takes place in.

I’m Maddie Cullen and I play Winonathandria Whisperbane, also known as Winona for short. Winonathandria is reserved for angry relatives and professional documents. Winona is an elf ranger with a small drake companion named Worm who she never parts from. He’s a small lizard-like creature who spends most of his time crouched on Winona’s shoulders and only occasionally biting people. Winona isn’t sure if they accepted her joint CV with Worm or not but she’s bringing him to work regardless.

However, Winona has now traded in most of her time exploring the local forest, and causing trouble by using road signs as arrow target practice, to join the Ragrump branch of the Socire Star because they were hiring and also seemingly willing to take her on as an intern. With no more school and no career prospects or goals to think of, Winona had to find something to fill her time and this seems to be where she’s ended up. With no real-world passions to follow like her sister, this seemed as good an opportunity as any.

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She still lives at home with her family, parents Wilder and Whilemina, although her sister Willow has left home. Both her parents were also relatively famous adventures in their time. Wilder was a powerful wizard and Whilhmina a great fighter, but they traded it all in for a simple life in the suburbs. The spell tome has changed to the daily newspaper and the great sword now collects dust in the attic. Adventuring stories are something for comics, not the dinner table, so the Whisperbane household is now like any other family in Ragrump, leading ordinary, mundane lives. But Winona has a stack of stories from her favourite adventurers she still reads through, keeping up her childhood passion of exploration and adventure alive - if only through comics.

Now Winona needs to focus on her internship, but the allure of slipping into the forest, or daydreaming about one of her favourite heroes' big adventures is ever-present, and who really needs a job anyway?

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