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10 best board games for kids that adults can enjoy too

Kids' board games can be more than child’s play - here’s the proof.

If you’re a fan of tabletop gaming hoping to share your hobby with your children or are simply looking for a new way to bond with your children, there are plenty of board games for kids that can be played together while genuinely having a great time.

As well as an excuse to spend some time away from screens, board games bring a bunch of fun into your home. The common assumption is that board games made for children can be boring for an older crowd, but there are a bunch of really great kids' board games that are not only fun and engaging for children, but also for their parents and older siblings as well.

Board games for kids tend to be quick board games that are easier to setup and learn on-the-fly; meaning that you can often jump right into them and understand them from the get-go with minimal effort. Children's board games may not have a lot of in-depth strategy to them or a long amount of time between each turn, making for a much faster playing experience - but that doesn't mean they're any less fun than some of the best board games for older players. Kids' board games are typically easy to remember, simple to explain to others and great to play with your friends old or young, even if they don’t consider themselves tabletop gamers, all because of the ease of learning.

Kids' board games may be similar to some of the best co-op board games and encourage working together as a team; have fun themes like food, animals or familiar characters from films or TV (though in a lighter appearance than some other movie board games); involve the physical challenge of dexterity board games; or even be something else entirely - having simple rules doesn't mean that children's board games have to be dull.

Adults shouldn’t write off children’s games as for only children - even serious players tend to take a break from long, strategy games by playing kids' board games as light fillers or warm-ups between rounds. When you have a limited amount of time, someone who doesn’t want to be explained a bunch of rules and are looking for something simple and fun to play, games made for children hit all of the boxes. They can become a fun staple that not only can be played with whatever children you have around, but also with your adult friends who want something more simplistic and fun.

Best board games for kids

Whether you're after something to play with your own kids, a gift for someone else's younglings or you simply want something easy-going to enjoy yourself, we've compiled the best children’s games that are still super fun for adults. Bear in mind that these kids' board games below are generally aimed at younger players compared to our picks for the best family board games, though they'd make a suitable choice for any age. (As you can see from the Dicebreaker team's spirited playthrough of Rhino Hero at EGX.)

1. Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero family board game gameplay layout

Rhino Hero is a dexterity game where you must build up a large, wobbly apartment building which our hero travels around. During your turn, the roof tile you select and play defines the types of walls you get to place around the structure. There are two types of wall: short and tall. Once you have placed your walls, you can then place your roof tile anywhere you’d like. If it has a monkey image on it, you must then place a monkey balanced on it, before moving the wooden rhino hero up to the next floor, if available. Your goal is to not knock down the tower! In Rhino Hero a child will have the slight advantage with their tiny hands, but adults can figure out the best way to build up your apartment. It's a joy to stack things up and watch them come crashing down by both people young and old.

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2. Dobble

Dobble board game cards

Dobble is a very quick-paced card game where you need to have a keen eye at absorbing the various symbols on the card in front of you and find the one symbol that matches a symbol on the card in your hand. In its most simple form of gameplay (though there are five different ways to play), you only need to find the match between the card placed in front of everyone and the card in your hand, before yelling it out and placing your card from your hand onto the top of the pile. Getting rid of your entire hand first will make you the winner. As the game is very easy to understand, explaining what you need to do to younger people is simple and easy. Adults can also find fun in looking for the right symbol, as the challenge is much trickier than you might think!

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3. No Yolk


Designed by an 11-year-old who really loved chickens, No Yolk is a farm management game that’s slightly more complex than quite a few kids' board games. Your goal is to make 15 coins before anyone else does. You’ll do that by spending some coins on chickens and upgrades that make your farm much better. On your turn, your chickens will lay eggs, which can be fertilised or added to a carton. You can sell your carton once full, purchase items from the shop, use an action card or draw an egg. Once everything is resolved, you’ll move onto the next player and their farm. Though it’s a bit slower in pace, the game is easy to understand and fun to play. With the amount of upgrades, some very complex chicken coops can be made, while others can play a simpler game looking to quickly sell off the eggs they have.

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4. Ramen Fury


Ramen Fury is a simple card game all around building tasty bowls of ramen. With three empty bowls in front of you, you must use the cards in your hand or in the communal pantry to add some flavor to your bowl. Flavor packets, which also need to be added to the bowl, will define what other ingredients can score you points within your bowls. Other players can also drop harmful ingredients into your ramen, messing up your score. Your goal is to make the best soups and eat them up, scoring only points that you’ve eaten, once someone has eaten all three of their bowls. Ramen Fury is also well-suited to house rules if you are playing with very young children, as the gameplay is very open.

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5. Go Nuts for Donuts!


Go Nuts for Donuts! is an adorable card game where you need to collect the best treats to gain points. In the middle of the table, you will see a pantry of pastries, each with a number cutout below them. In your hand, you’ll have a bunch of number cards, which correspond with the numbers below the items. Everyone must pick a doughnut they want, secretly, then place the number card that matches that item face down on the table. Together, everyone will flip over these cards - if you picked a doughnut that no one else picked, you can add it to your bank of treats. Some have conditions, while others just have points. The person with the most points when all the doughnuts run out wins. Not only is Go Nuts for Donuts! colourful, with lots of care taken when it comes to being able to easily identify all of the key features to the card, it’s also got a bit of bluffing and strategy that can be super fun for adults.

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6. Dead & Breakfast


Making spooky hotels, Dead & Breakfast is a tile-placement board game where everything is displayed and easy to see in front of you, which means the information can be taken in very quickly by children and adults alike. Each player will receive a different tile door, which is the base for your house and contains some different-coloured flowers to pay attention to. On your turn, you then get to pick a tile from a small lot, placing it onto your hotel so that the window faces the right way up and it forms a five-by-five grid. Placing the right ghouls next to people who fear them and connecting vines will get you points as you build up your business. Creating a haunted hotel is very fun, but there is enough going on to keep this kids' board game from being boring.

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7. Rocket Squad


Attempting to build a cardboard rocket good enough to get you into space, Rocket Squad is a hand-management card game where you need to add pieces to your cardboard box and blast off. On your turn, you will play some (or all) of the four cards in your hand to either build your rocket, mess with your friends or help yourself in some way. Cardboard cards can be added onto the base rocket of the matching colour, with the goal of getting the same number of pieces onto the base as the number displayed on them. Once this is achieved, you can then launch your rocket, gaining points. As soon as one player has launched all of the rockets in their backyard, the game is over and points are calculated. Not only does this have a very childhood-inspired design, but it’s a great kids' board game to boot, with some really funny cards.

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8. Sonic the Hedgehog: Crash Course


Based on the series of video games starring the speedy blue star, Sonic the Hedgehog: Crash Course is a racing board game that sees you trying to zoom ahead of other players by using your turn to move forward, heal or use a power-up - but you only have three actions in each turn. You must heal any damage before you can move, but once you make it to the end of track, you get a point and get to add the next tile to the track, building the race course however you’d like as you go. Keeping ahead and earning points is the way to victory. This is a good homage to the video games, with the various characters easy to grip for smaller hands, the rules simple to follow and the Sonic theme adding a lot of nostalgia for adults who enjoyed the video games.

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9. Mars Open: Tabletop Golf


Mars Open: Tabletop Golf is a dexterity board game like no other, where you will find yourself recreating golf on your tabletop. Playing to nine or 18 holes, you must flick a little ‘golf ball’ around a course in hopes of getting it to the hole in as few flicks as possible. These golf balls are folded bits of paper, each a different colour, while the courses are set up around the box, with various cardboard obstacles to be placed in the way. Courses are easy and quick to set up, the game is super fun to play, and flicking these bits of paper do take a bit of practice to master. Mars Open: Tabletop Golf has a lot of fun holes for all people, but if you have children who often change their mind on what they want to do, this game also very quickly breaks down, meaning you can get the game in and out of its box to play and put away easily.

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10. Dino Dump


Dino Dump is a card-drafting game with a very silly theme: dinosaur poop. In essence, it's a child-friendly version of the playing card game ‘Poophead’. (You know the one we mean.) With three cards in your hand and three sets of two cards down on the table in front of you - one in each pile visible, one not - you must place a card of equal or higher value on the face-up card in the middle of the table. If you can't play a card, you can play an action card to switch up what is happening. You then draw up your hand and continue playing until cards run out. Dino Dump has some silly graphics and makes for a family-friendly version of a classic that makes kids laugh while they play.

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