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Play a T-Rex with two new Funko Pop! Jurassic Park board games

Utterly en-raptored.

Funkoverse Strategy Games, which makes board games based around its Funko Pop! figurines, has revealed two new games set in the world of Jurassic Park.

The first is a Funkoverse Strategy Game set titled Jurassic Park Strategy Game Expandalone.

For two to four players, either playing head to head separately as a two-player board game or in opposing teams of two, it includes four game scenarios, two maps that cover locations the T-Rex paddock and the Isla Nublar Lab, plus two playable characters: Dr. Ian Malcolm and the T-Rex. In fitting with the theme, mosquitos in amber pots are also included.

As an ‘expandalone’, Jurassic Park can be played both as a standalone game or mixed with other Funkoverse games.

The Jurassic Park Strategy Game Expandalone is $19.99 (£24.99) and will be available to buy in April.

Meanwhile, the Jurassic Park Strategy Game Base Set includes four Funko figurines instead of two. They comprise characters Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Ray Arnold and a handsome raptor. Jurassic Park locations featured are the Visitor Center and the Raptor Paddock. It plays up to four individual players, or two pairs.

Every turn, you select one of your characters and perform two actions. You can also use ability tokens to trigger each character’s unique abilities - although these abilities will require a cooldown before they are available to use again. It can also be combined with the two-player Jurassic Park expandalone.

The four-pack Funkoverse Jurassic Park Strategy Game base set is $34.99 (£39.99) and will be landing in February.

Released last year, the first wave of Funkoverse board games included six titles based on pop culture characters, including Harry Potter, Rick & Morty and DC Comics.

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