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Kemet is getting a revised edition, Blood and Sand

It really makes you Sphinx.

Ancient Egyptian-themed board game Kemet is getting an upcoming revised edition that will include updated mechanics, artwork and new rules.

In addition, a redesigned map and larger, more detailed miniatures will also be included - among other things - according to Board Game Geek.

An area control game for two to five players, in Kemet you duke it out via mythic miniatures, which comprise troops from an Egyptian tribe; bloodthirsty gods; and a range of mythical beasties - such as giant scorpions and sly serpents.

For the most part, Kemet sees players invading new territories and building up pyramids. Mechanics-wise, it includes card drafting and hand management among its key gameplay elements. The person who reaches eight victory points first wins.

According to co-designer Jacques Bariot, writing in a designer diary on BoardGameGeek, classic strategy board game Dune served as a huge inspiration for Kemet’s non-random combat.

A ‘1.5’ version of Kemet’s rules was previously developed with the help of the game’s community. Designers Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiage said that Blood and Sand’s gameplay updates would “go beyond” the 1.5 ruleset and feature “new approachable rules”.

The original Kemet has recieved three editions in the past. Expansions for the original game include 2015’s Kemet: Ta-Seti and 2018’s Kemet: Seth, in which you can embody the jackal-headed Egyptian god.

Kemet: Blood and Sand cover

Kemet was originally released in 2012 by French publisher Matagot. Its previous titles include Marc Paquien’s deduction board game Treasure Island, as well as Cyclades and Inis - Kemet’s spiritual predecessors, which together comprise a loose trilogy.

Kemet: Blood and Sand will be released sometime in 2020.

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