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Monster Hunter World board game sequel will adapt Iceborne’s clutch claw and mid-fight turf wars

Stay frosty, hunters.

Image credit: Steamforged Games/Capcom

An upcoming sequel to the Monster Hunter: World board game adaptation will tackle the frozen expanses featured in the original video game’s Iceborne expansion.

Publisher Steamforged Games announced plans on April 11th to crowdfund via Kickstarter a follow-up to their tabletop translation of Monster Hunter: World. Iceborne’s board game version will be a fully separate experience for one to four players, complete with its own frozen tundra maps, new monsters to hunt and a fresh collection of weapons to craft from their remains.

The board game will use the same card deck-based action system as its predecessor to simulate the unique and deadly way each monster type fights during hunts. Teams of hunters trek out into the wilderness, track the beast to its lair and proceed to smash, slash, shoot and toot their way to its eventual death or capture. Just like in the video game, successful hunts reward parts that can be crafted into weapons and armour that can withstand even more powerful foes.

Watch the Dicebreaker team play through an early version of Monster Hunter World: the Board Game.Watch on YouTube

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game will reportedly shake up this formula with two big additions, the first of which will be familiar to any seasoned explorer - the clutch claw. Its video game counterpart allowed players to zip across the environment while also latching onto monsters during fights to quickly close the distance. The clutch claw served as an all-purpose tool and became an iconic part of the experience, and the publisher wants the same to be true for Iceborne’s turn on the table.

Steamforged Games, who also worked with Capcom on the Resident Evil board game series, didn’t reveal many details about the clutch claw in its initial press release, only saying that it will allow players to “get up close and personal with their quarry”. The second big innovation is likely something players have been wanting for a while: turf wars. Monster Hunter: World shook up the long running video game’s formula by allowing errant monsters to roam into a fight, pick a territorial standoff or otherwise muck about. Invaders will apparently intrude on hunts in Iceborne, forcing hunters to shift their plan else they end up caught between a Deviljho and a hard place.

“We’re beyond excited to continue our journey through the Monster Hunter: World universe. There are many big fans of Monster Hunter on the team, and it’s been a pleasure seeing how positively the first board game has been received as an authentic and faithful adaptation,” said Mat Hart, co-founder and chief creative officer at Steamforged Games. “We’re dedicated to bringing Iceborne to life on the tabletop in a way that does equal justice to the unique experience of hunting monsters through the frozen wastes.”

Monster Hunter World: the Board Game, hits retail later this year after raising more than £3.4 million during its run on Kickstarter in 2021. Iceborne’s own campaign goes like on May 18th, and while shipping stressors have lessened over the past two years, it’s safe to expect a similar production timeline. More information on Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game is expected to be revealed in the leadup to the campaign launch, so keep checking Dicebreaker for updates.

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