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Poll: Do you buy fewer board games nowadays?

Hey big spender.

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The world has undergone several changes within the past couple of years, due in no small part to the pandemic amongst other global incidents.

In the span of nine months, we've had three Prime Ministers and two monarchs here in the UK - that's enough historical events for me, thanks.

At least there's been some constants to keep us entertained throughout the doom and gloom. Cute cat videos, cute dog videos… and board games!

Here's Maddie with some of the best budget board games you can buy.Watch on YouTube

A while back, we asked you how many Kickstarter games you back, but now we'd like to know a bit more about your board game buying habits.

There's plenty of reasons why you might be buying less board games. You could be just not that enthusiastic about newer releases and content with the ones you already have. Given the current cost of living crisis, it's understandable if you've decided to cut back on spending for hobbies. Maybe you're waiting on Kickstarter delays which have affected funded games.

Most of you who answered our Kickstarter poll said you back one to a few projects on the platform every year, so it looks like crowdfunding is still a popular way to invest in board games. But would your answer have been different two or three years ago? Have you been spending less on board games or not? If so, what's prompted you to change? Let us know, do you buy fewer board games nowadays?

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