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Ukraine charity bundle offers over 300 tabletop RPGs for $10, including Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Troika and The Wretched

Plus almost 600 video games and dozens of books in aid of International Medical Corps and Voices of Children.

A charity bundle aimed at supporting Ukrainians affected by the country’s ongoing invasion by Russia has launched on, offering almost 1,000 games, books and other items - including more than 300 tabletop RPGs - for $10.

The Bundle for Ukraine organised by Brandon Sheffield, director of indie video game studio Necrosoft Games, has seen more than 700 creators come together to provide more than 990 individual releases, all of which usually cost money to purchase. All in all, the bundle’s contents are estimated to be worth over $6,500.

Among the bundle’s hundreds of tabletop RPGs are notable indie darlings such as LGBTQ+ Powered by the Apocalypse title Thirsty Sword Lesbians, solo RPG The Wretched (which Chase wrote about here), rules-light virtual-world adventure .dungeon and science-fantasy game Troika, along with its psychedelic supplement Acid Death Fantasy.

Other highlights from the many, many pen-and-paper offerings include Lucian Kahn’s ENnie-nominated Bisexual ‘90s mall adventure Visigoths vs. Mall Goths (one of Banana Chan's favourite games of 2020), the Mass Effect-inspired Into the Black from Monkey’s Paw Games, Sean Cain’s wildly unique chess-based RPG Fake Chess and sci-fi map-drawing game Umbra from Delve creator Anna Blackwell.

That’s not to mention an RPG inspired by Cats (yes, the musical-turned-cinematic horrorshow) in The Jellicle Chance, avian RPG Birds Love Dirt! and the delightfully-titled The World is Ending and We Are Very Large Dogs.

The tabletop offerings in the collection aren’t limited to RPGs either, ranging from the pocket-sized wargame Skirmish by Chloe Montgomery and Alyssa Ridley to satirical card game Pass the Buck. There are also various supplements and accessories for TRPGs, such as Mausritter’s Estate Adventure Collection and print-and-play paper miniatures for use in games.

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Included alongside the more than 300 tabletop RPGs are almost 600 video games - including recent raccoon detective game Backbone, fourth wall-breaking action-RPG CrossCode and the charming Skatebird, which is exactly what it sounds like - and dozens of comics, books, soundtracks, game creation assets and more.

Proceeds from the bundle will be split equally between two charities aiding those in Ukraine: International Medical Corps, which is providing medical assistance in the country, and Voices of Children, an organisation that supports children affected by the traumatic experience of war.

The Bundle for Ukraine has raised almost $800,000 at the time of writing - over three-quarters of its $1m target - with over nine days left to pick it up. The minimum purchase price is $10, with the option to raise your price and donate more.

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