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D&D meets Cards Against Humanity in Deck of Many Quests’ fill-the-blank adventures

Mission + monster + magical item = adventure.

Brainstorm campaigns for roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons 5E with The Deck of Many Quests, a collection of cards containing ideas for future adventures.

The Deck of Many Quests is designed to provide games masters and players with a method of generating quick ideas for potential RPG campaigns. Compatible with a variety of different tabletop roleplaying games, The Deck of Many Quests contains over 20,000 unique adventure ideas, such as Good Old Fashioned Feud - which sees players attempting to reconcile two creatures who have been arguing over the possession of a particular item - or a possible encounter with a pair of cunning Cockatrices.

In a similar fashion to party title, Cards Against Humanity, but “minus the the bathroom humor”, the GM and/or players take it in turns draw and play cards from The Deck of Many Quests, filling in the blanks to complete a scenario. In this case, creating a potential RPG campaign for the players to pursue, rather than answering a question with a joke response.

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The process starts with someone taking a quest card - of which there are 50 - which will provide a rough outline of the possible adventure. Creature and item cards will then have to be drawn in order to fill out the missing details on the quest card, thereby giving players their potential allies and opponents, as well as a potential prize to seek out.

Each card within The Deck of Many Quest displays a star rating, which may communicate the difficulty of the quest or creature or, in the case of items, rarity. This means that players can better develop an adventure that suits their party’s level and experience. Once all these elements are in place, the GM can then apply these ideas to a campaign for an RPG of their and the players’ choosing.

The Deck of Many Quests was created by Lunch Break Heroes, a YouTube channel that provides tabletop roleplayers with advice on creating campaigns and playing characters for Dungeons & Dragons.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Deck of Many Quests is live until April 2nd, with a pledge of $20 (£15) getting backers a copy of the main deck that’s estimated to arrive in August. Alternatively, backers can pledge $5 (£4) to gain access to a digital version of The Deck of Many Quests next month.

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