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King Kong and Pacific Rim coming next for D&D 5E compatible adventure project

Mechanics for mayhem with monkeys and mechs.

Screenshot from the trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising
Image credit: Legendary Pictures

Evil Genius Games’ Season of Adventure continues with an upcoming crowdfunding campaign that will feature two more recent action films and their larger-than-life subjects. A pair of Dungeons & Dragons 5E-compatible adventure books will be published using Pacific Rim and Kong: Skull Island as its source material.

This “legendary project” as Evil Genius’ owner Dave Scott put in an email to Dicebreaker will launch as a Kickstarter project in May and contain the next two films-turned-tabletop RPG sourcebooks in the studio’s year-long plan in which several classic blockbusters will be fed into the translation machine.

The resulting adventures are designed to be played with D&D 5E’s rules - which now exist in the Creative Commons - but will be officially published as supplements for Everyday Heroes, Evil Genius’ spiritual successor to the d20 Modern system. Like that original spin-off, Everyday Heroes sets its roleplay on modern-day Earth and expands the core D&D experience with new subclasses, rules for firearms and mechanics for chases and vehicles.

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Pacific Rim’s adventure is called Dominion of Iron and will take place after the Tales from Year Zero comic book. The book will reportedly clock in at 160 pages, 56 of which are dedicated to a Jaeger creation guide with details on personalising the massive mechs and a breakdown on the unique dual-piloting lifted from Guillermo Del Toro’s iconic sci-fi action flick.

Those who prefer their kaiju be paired with gargantuan gorillas will likely be more interested in Isle of the Damned, the similarly sized adventure that takes place directly after the events of Kong: Skull Island. The Monarch Corporation has sent Mason Weaver and James Conrad back to the island to risk their lives in search of more resources and information. The book will include a 56-page bestiary describing the beasts, predators and more twisted being that share a home with Kong.

Evil Genius’ team have designed everything to be compatible with D&D 5E and fairly simple to hack and add to homebrew campaigns. If a group wanted to explore Skull Island with their fantasy-flavoured adventuring party or have a Jaeger appear in the midst of the Forgotten Realms, the books will explain how that might be accomplished.

Each of the adventure books will also come with its own collection of cardboard pawns and a map tile pack. Scott said Evil Genius plans to follow this campaign with a couple of general source texts meant to expand what’s offered in Everyday Heros’ core rulebook. The Season of Adventure will then move toward adapting Highlander, Rambo, Total Recall and more before the end of 2023. The Kickstarter campaign is currently planning to launch on May 9th of this year, according to Scott, despite the official website currently listing a June expectation.

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