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Award-winning RPG monster series launches werewolf supplement for D&D 5E

You won’t fool the Children of the Moon.

Add werewolves into your Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaigns with this upcoming RPG supplement.

Nightfell – Children of the Moon is a supplement designed to be used with the tabletop roleplaying game D&D 5E that introduces werewolves and lycanthropy to campaigns and one-shots. Part of the Nightfell series – a setting that was awarded a Golden Ennie Award in 2022 for Best Monster/Adversary, the highest accolade an RPG can receive – Children of the Moon enables game masters and players to feature lycanthropes in their games of D&D 5E.

Children of the Moon provides GMs and players with the tools they need to interact with werewolves or even become werebeasts themselves. Alongside the character creation elements found in the supplement for the fantasy TRPG, players and GMs can also find new spells, items and bestiary creatures, alongside lycanthropy adventures to embark on.

Artwork for the Nightfell-Children of the Moon supplement.

Taking place in the world of Lùrmen - which is inspired by Italian and European folklore – the Children of the Moon sourcebook allows players to create characters using the werebeast class. Players can create werewolves, but they’re also free to make their character any werebeast they want. The werebeast class has four different archetypes for players to choose from, with each one offering its own unique abilities and interpretation of lycanthropy. Characters who are cursed with lycanthropy will be bound to the lunar phase system, which will impose its effects onto werebeasts whether or not they want it to.

In Lùrmen, the very moon itself is a goddess called Mirithlen, whose power over the lunar cycles can both help and hinder player characters. Within campaigns using the Children of the Moon supplement, players may interact with her or her followers. Mirithlen can grant powers such as Divination – or the ability to look into the future – as well as punish those she dislikes or views as a threat.

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Also featured in the supplement is a campaign for D&D 5E called Song of the Beast. Taking place over a series of nine acts, Song of the Beast will take player characters from first level all the way to level 15, with various adventures themed around lycanthropy and werebeasts.

Nightfell – Children of the Moon was created and is set to be published by Grim Moon Studio – the company behind the Nightfell series – with support from Mana Project Studio, the publisher responsible for the Cowboy Bebop tabletop roleplaying game.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Nightfell – Children of the Moon is live until February 1st, with a pledge of €45 (£41/$48) getting backers a physical copy of the supplement in February 2024. Alternatively, a digital version will be available to download for €12 (£11/$13).

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