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Turn D&D 5E into Taskmaster with RPG zine The Kourt of Exile

Or the RPG of your choice.

Image credit: M. Henry (@gnashsquall)

A new RPG supplement allows players to turn their next roleplaying session into a tournament inspired by TV game show Taskmaster.

The Kourt of Exile is a zine from designer M. Henry that allows GMs to challenge their players with Taskmaster-style trials in a fantasy world. The supplement is system-neutral, allowing it to be used with any tabletop RPG - from the ever-popular Dungeons & Dragons 5E through to indie titles.

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Like Taskmaster, the trials can be solo affairs for characters to tackle individually or team efforts that require multiple player characters or NPCs to complete - or compete - together. Examples include challenges inspired by the TV show’s opening ‘prize task’ - with characters having to present the best item based on given criteria - and trials in the spirit of the inventive open-ended prompts devised by Taskmaster creator Alex Horne, such as “The tree is barren, give it some life” or simply “Keep something up in the air the longest”.

The Kourt of Exile includes prize tables to reward players’ success with various items and treasure if they emerge victorious. The tournament itself is sparked by the players’ need to pay a bridge toll to the titular Kourt - or any place of the GM’s choosing - which can be won via participation. The bridge’s protective guardians are included as a playable class and union for GMs to implement in their world.

The trials and prizes can vary depending on the host of the tournament, with six different taskmasters - albeit in more eldritch forms than Greg Davies - and arenas for GMs to drop into their world. The content in the zine can be randomised for multiple playthroughs.

The Kourt of Exile can be picked up for $5 from M. Henry’s page as part of this year's Zine Month. If you’re after more ZiMo RPGs worth checking out, take a look at Chase’s roundup of Zine Month 2022 RPGs.

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