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The Wanderer’s Guide packs a campaign of creativity into an RPG fantasy atlas

Writing in this one is encouraged.

Image credit: The Wanderer's Guide

Any fledgling game master knows one of the more difficult aspects of running the table is describing with your mouth the world of adventure in your head. The Wanderer’s Guide, whose Kickstarter launched on November 10th, wants to help bridge the gap with a book of interactive artwork and gameplay aids for your roleplaying game.

Described as a hardcover “fantasy atlas”, The Wanderer’s Guide contains 50 pages of full-page, full-colour artwork illustrated by Andrew Bosley, who previously worked on Everdell and Merchants of the Dark Road.

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Every page in the atlas can be annotated with dry-erase markers, allowing party members and game masters to add notes, names, reminders or idle doodles while the wizard decides which of their 50 spells to use this turn.

Many of the available pages show landscapes on a variety of scales, from region-wide maps to village panoramas. Cross sections of towers, castles and other interesting buildings allow adventurers to better plan how and where exactly to derail your careful session preparation.

Image credit: The Wanderer's Guide

The Wanderer’s Guide also includes tokens used to change or update the locations within the pages as the campaign advances, better illustrating the world around the players changing in response to their actions. If you have trouble developing NPCs, several pages in the back of the atlas are dedicated to archetypes, plot hooks and interesting personal details.

The Kickstarter for The Wanderer’s Guide runs until December 4th and offers both digital and physical versions. Shipping is expected to begin next August.

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