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Dragon Ball Super Card Game announces a digital version for 2023


Screenshot from teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super Card Game's digital version
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Fans of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game received a tantalising hint at the future when publisher Bandai Namco announced a digital version planned for next year. The aptly (if plainly) named Dragon Ball Super Card Game Digital Version will drop a beta sometime in 2023.

The announcement comes by way of a short video on Bandai Namco’s card game YouTube channel, which is frustratingly slim on details. The video shows off dozens of cards in their digital form, though whether that’s the final artwork was not confirmed.

At one point in the trailer, Son Goku blasts a mock-up battlefield with a kamehameha finisher. The one-on-one card setup sits in the middle of a stadium packed with onlookers, emulating the Dragon Ball manga’s tournament arc that has shown up in plenty of other adaptations, such as video games and the popular anime series.

Let's assume you've heard of Hearthstone and talk about all the other great digital card games out there.Watch on YouTube

More information about the digital card game will be revealed during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023, taking place across March 4th and 5th. A closed beta will reportedly take place sometime between that event and the eventual full release. No information on which countries will be able to access the closed beta was included, and Dicebreaker has reached out to Bandai Namco for clarification.

Regardless, a digital client would be a shot in the arm of the community surrounding the Dragon Ball Super CG, which was released in 2017 and has been periodically updated since. Many smaller titles (relative to giant Magic: The Gathering) suffered from the shuttering of local game stores and other public spaces throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and have found themselves struggling to recover.

The comments on the announcement video are full of grateful praise and celebration, with several claiming they will now be able to actually play with other fans in the wake of their local scene collapsing and disappearing.

Announcement trailer for Dragon Ball Super Card Game Digital Version posted on December 3rd.Watch on YouTube

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