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Build a pirate unicorn army with upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Jumpstart

Not all is as it themes.

Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Magic: The Gathering set titled Jumpstart.

Consisting of 20-card booster packs, each pack has its own randomised theme - one of 46 in total - including the likes of cats, wild planeswalker Garruk and part-mechanical undead aliens the Phyrixians.

New set Jumpstart will also include mythic rare packs centered around epic beasts like the unicorn, meaning you have a chance of constructing an alien-undead-unicorn deck.

In addition, every pack will have one basic land that matches the theme of the deck.

The upcoming Magic: The Gathering Jumpstart set.

To play Jumpstart, you shuffle two booster packs together to make a unique 40-card deck.

Over 400 Magic: The Gathering card reprints are included in Jumpstart, as well as 37 new cards that will also feature in the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021.

Earlier this year publisher Wizards of the Coast released Greek mythology inspired set Magic:The Gathering: Theros Beyond Death, and also has mad-magic-mash-up Unsanctioned on the way.

Invented by mathematician Richard Garfield, Magic: The Gathering is one of the most popular trading card games in the word.

Jumpstart is releasing on the tabletop on July 3rd and pre-release will be running from June 21st to the 22nd.

It will also be available digitally on Magic: The Gathering Arena later in the year.

If you’re new to the fantasy strategy card game and want to get playing, take a look at our how to play Magic: The Gathering beginners guide.

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