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Pokémon TCG rounds out Sword & Shield series with Silver Tempest expansion set

So long, Sword & Shield.

An Alolan Vulpix is caught out in a snow storm, along with some weird glowing sparkles.
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With a new generation of adorable friends on the Horizon, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has announced the newest batch of cards that will effectively sunset the Sword & Shield era. Silver Tempest will be the last full set of 2022 and brings some shining stars to the farewell party.

Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield - Silver Tempest will hit local comic shops and online retailers on November 11th. The official Pokémon website says the set will contain “over 190” cards, including a new batch of VMAX Pokémon and three new Radiant Pokémon.

Silver Tempest continues the V-themed trends throughout this era of the TCG with six VSTAR Pokémon, including Lugia and Regidrago. There’s also the first appearance of a non-evolved Pokémon in VSTAR form with a special Alolan Vulpix card. VSTAR Pokémon offer an alternative evolution route for Basic V-Pokémon that might not be as powerful as their conventional VMAX end point but trades that potential for a special move that can affect the game in a myriad of ways.

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That doesn’t mean players won’t see plenty of class Pokémon-V action, though. One new VMAX monster and 15 Pokémon-V will also have a chance to show up in booster packs. Additionally, three Radiant Pokémon featuring their Shiny form artwork could be lurking amongst the rest. Alakazam, Jirachi and one other unknown card (no, not Unown) will rarely show off a specific etched artwork and unique attack.

Other things to look out for are 30 new Trainer Gallery alternate art cards with illustrations that run the entire length of the card and often show a fan-favourite character from the anime or video game series.

While this might not be the very last bit of cards from the Sword & Shield series, it will be the final full set release. The trading card game previously announced its plans to pivot to the upcoming Scarlet & Violet generation within the first quarter of 2023 - Japan is likely to access these cards as soon as the 2022 holidays. This will bring card releases in line with the highly anticipated video games.

We know that Pokémon-ex are returning with a terastel twist that will feature crystalline versions of favourite critters, though it's not clear how that will be translated into the mechanics. The publisher also hasn’t stated whether Pokémon-v and their evolutionary cards will be temporarily shelved as Sword and Shield comes to an end.

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