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Pokémon TCG's Twilight Masquerade expansion brings Scarlet & Violet DLC to the card game

Ogerpon’s four masks each get their own ex card, alongside Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti.

Card art for Ogrepon's Grass type Tera ex from Pokemon TCG's Twilight Masquerade expansion
Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Trading Card Game’s latest expansion set travels beyond the main Paldean region and into Kitakami for the Scarlet & Violet video games’ first DLC in cardboard. Twilight Masquerade will lean heavily on the legendary Pokémon Ogerpon from the first post-game release, The Teal Mask, but plenty of other new faces will show up on cards, as well.

Ogerpon can be found on its own basic card, while its four mask variants will each appear on an ex Tera card and the Oger’s Mask Item card - this lets players exchange one of their Ogerpon in play with one in the discard pile. The four masks will sport a Grass, Water, Fire and Fighting type and unique abilities to match. Keep an eye out for cards depicting the Loyal Three, Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti, as well.

Twilight Masquerade will include seven other Pokémon ex and three more Tera Pokémon ex cards, the latter of which boast unusual typing and a crystalline aesthetic. Collectors should be on the lookout for 21 Illustration rare treatments, 11 special Illustration rares and Supporter cards, six new hyper rare gold etched treatments and six ACE SPEC cards, a collection of Trainers and Special Energies. That last category are powerful additions to a deck but can only include one ACE SPEC card of any type, so choose wisely.

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The full set will number 167 cards before you count the secret rares that can appear. Early details show Sinistcha, Bloodmoon Ursaluna, Scream Tail and Iron Thorns as the Pokémon ex cards, leaving three more yet to be revealed. Joining the four Ogerpon ex Tera cards are Magcargo (Fire), Greninja (Fighting) and Dragapult (Dragon), with their alternate typing in parentheses.

Twilight Masquerade will launch into retail beginning May 24th and can be collected through booster packs, Elite Trainer Boxes or special collection products. A series of prerelease tournaments will be held at local game stores as part of the Play! Pokémon competitive program, which will run from May 11th through to the set’s official release.

If you’re more of a digital trainer, the sixth Scarlet & Violet expansion will hit Pokémon TCG Live a day early on May 23rd. The Pokémon Company recently announced yet another digital app for its tie-in trading card game - Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket will be explicitly aimed at collectors and newcomers and feature a condensed, quick-and-easy version of the full TCG’s rules.

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