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Yu-Gi-Oh! brings big team battles to the digital field in Master Duel update

Roving gangs of duelists.

A recent update to Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has added a new game mode that allows groups of duelists to face off against one another in larger team matches.

Team Battle mode was added to the trading card game’s official digital app on Monday, allowing teams of three and five players to enter matchmaking against likeminded teams. But this isn’t like scrumming in the street or Magic: The Gathering’s Two-headed Giant mode - nobody shares life totals, decks, or even a battlefield.

Instead, individual players tackle opponents in single duels in an attempt to rack up wins for their team. The winner of the contest will be whoever manages to rack up the most victories over the course of all games.

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Publisher Konami did not specify any other rules or restrictions of Team Battle, so expect to see all manner of decks from opponents. It’s also likely that the new cooperative mode will be the grounds for limited-time festivals and events in the future, challenging duelists by limiting the strategies and resources available to them in return for special currencies and cosmetics.

Speaking of goodies, the updates also brought along a small host of new cards. The Battle Trajectory Selection Pack will include Pendulum Monsters from two existing archetypes - Performapal and Odd-Eyes - as well as introducing the Vaylantz archetype to Master Duel for the first time. Cards in this vein toy with the position of your opponent’s cards on the battlefield, disrupting best-laid plans and opening up opportunities.

Those interested in card fashion can pick up Mamonaka the Vaylantz United deck protector and Visas Starfrost Icon from the in-game store. Both cosmetics are purchasable with the premium currency often handed out as prizes for Master Duel’s frequent festivals. Since its release earlier this year, the digital app has been fairly equitable with player rewards and currency earned through play rather than real-world money.

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