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Warhammer miniatures are about to cost more, as Games Workshop increases prices by up to 20% next month

Books and scenery also affected, while paints, brushes and tools remained unchanged.

Image credit: Games Workshop

Games Workshop has announced that it will increase prices on Warhammer miniatures, books and other products for its flagship wargames next month.

The price increases will take effect from March 7th, with the exact increase varying per product. According to the company, the typical increase will be around 5%. A box of Primaris Space Marine Intercessors was given as a specific example, with the set of 10 plastic miniatures increasing from its current RRP of £35 to £36.

Books, scenery and resin models will see their typical price rise by 10%, while “a couple of outliers” - including metal figures and teams for brutal Warhammer Fantasy sports game Blood Bowl - will see the biggest price jump by approximately 20%.

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While the price increases will affect individual models, sets and books, Games Workshop said that accessories including paints, brushes and other tools would remain unchanged. Most starter sets for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 will also stay the same price, as well as the starter sets for spin-offs Warhammer Underworlds and Kill Team.

In its announcement post detailing the changes, Games Workshop cited rising costs in and outside of the industry as the reason for the increase: “Electricity, gas, raw materials, shipping – inflation is abroad in the land and we’re not immune to its effects.”

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Last year saw shipping costs for tabletop publishers leap to unprecedented highs, combined with ongoing paper shortages and the rising cost of raw materials such as lumber. The continued shipping and production woes led to publishers including Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering maker Hasbro, along with Arkham Horror, Cosmic Encounter and Dead of Winter owner Asmodee, to announce their own price rises late last year.

UK, US and European prices will all be affected by the incoming Games Workshop price increases, with Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China the only countries to avoid the changes.

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