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Snag hundreds of tabletop RPGs from these two bundle raising money for Palestine Children’s Relief Funds

All proceeds will benefit a humanitarian program offering medical aid, food and water in the midst of a genocide.

Screenshot of available tabletop RPGs in the Palestinian Relief Bundle.
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Two ongoing digital games bundles are offering more than 200 tabletop RPGs (among video games, soundtracks, books and other goodies) in order to raise money in support of the Palestine Children’s Relief Funds. The Palestinian Relief Bundle is being hosted on, while the separate TTRPGs for Palestine Charity Bundle is taking place on Tiltify.

For $8, the Palestinian Relief Bundle is offering nearly 400 total items, 103 of which are tabletop RPG systems, supplements and adventures. Mapmaking game Ex Novo is joined by the paranormal gunslinging satire FIST: Ultra Edition, along with Takuma Okada’s celebrated solo journaling game Alone on a Journey. Weird and dirty iconoclast game about money, the mind and everything else, Greed by Gormenghast is also on this list and is well worth a look. And if you’d rather keep it cosy and introspective, Cassi Mothwin’s Clean Spirit will get the whole group taking care of their domestic homes.

The TTRPGs for Palestine Charity Bundle focuses solely on analogue games, providing nearly 200 tabletop games for $15. A full spreadsheet of the included titles can be viewed here and includes Nevyn Holme’s Gun&Slinger, where one player embodies an occult cowboy while the second plays their sentient, magical gun. Wendi Yu’s Here, There, Be Monsters! approaches monster hunting media from the other side of the camera with a decidedly queer lens and unapologetic politics. Makapatag’s Gubat Banwa is a lush and dynamic collision of wuxia media, fiercely romantic and tragic melodrama all set against the backdrop and folklore of The Philippines.

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“Palestinians are being persecuted from their homes in an ongoing genocide. Due to the armed actions of Israel, they lack access to essentials such as food, water, electricity and medical care,” reads the description for the Palestinian Relief Bundle. It has already smashed through its original funding goal and has accrued over $260,000 at time of writing towards an ultimate $500,000 goal.

“In response to this crisis, all proceeds from the Palestinian Relief indie bundle will be donated to the PCRF (Palestine Children's Relief Fund). PCRF describes itself as ‘the primary humanitarian organisation in Palestine, delivering crucial and life-saving medical relief where it is needed most.’ By donating to the PCRF, Palestinians will have better access to medical relief, food and water.”

The TTRPGs for Palestine Charity Bundle is well on its way to hitting the initial $15,000 goal and will be running through May 7th. Its companion campaign on will stick around until May 5th. More information about the PCRF, including details on its current Gaza Relief and Recovery goal of offering immediate emergency aid but also rebuilding healthcare facilities and other support structures within Gaza, is available on its website.

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