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Upcoming board game A Noble War orders you to save your kin at any cost

Blood is thicker than victory points.

Manipulate the literal and metaphorical pieces of an expansive war to make sure your family ends up on top in A Noble War, a newly announced area-control title from Guildhall Games.

Two neighboring kingdoms have killed the peace between them and taken up arms in a bloody territory dispute. The players’ families have ties to both sides of the conflict and will do whatever it takes to install their blood relatives in the court of the winner.

Not much is yet known about how the upcoming board game mechanically plays, but Guildhall - publishers of Sea of Legends - said in a press release that players will “scheme, plot, and manipulate your enemies and maybe even friends to come out on top” once the dust settles. Each reigning member can chart different courses to victory, such as the straightforward path of amassing the largest and most deadly army or hoarding enough coin to purchase the throne outright. One may also manipulate the church into supporting their claim, garnering the love of the laypeople.

Interestingly, A Noble War may not hold rulership as the ultimate prize. Sometimes securing a crucial place in court means a more stable and lucrative future for your family and kin - besides, kings and queens seem to have a habit of dying prematurely. Each house will feature models for their key members and play out a little differently, depending on their political and tactical advantages. Choosing a house that matches a preferred win condition will certainly help you on your terrible climb to the top.

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Guildhall studios previous title, Sea of Legends, is a narrative-led board game about pirates, brigands, glory seekers and ancient legends in a mythic and magical Caribbean setting. It uses a digital companion app to tell interwoven stories that could lead to ruin and riches in equal turn. Sea of Legends is an app-assisted board game that touts a set of large and high-quality miniatures representing a wide cast of characters as a selling point, and A Noble War seems to be following suit.

A Noble War will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the near future with more gameplay details, but Guildhall is running early access playtests via its official website.

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