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Mythopoetic RPG Agon brings all its resources online in a new Roll20 compendium

Homer Run.

Raise the sails and make sure there’s a scribe nearby to take all this down because storytelling RPG Agon has released its Mythic Bundle, a trio of resources for digital tabletop Roll20 that provides rules, maps, tokens and character sheets.

Publisher Evil Hat productions announced on March 22nd that the fully integrated compendium was available on the Roll20 marketplace. That means anyone with a Roll20 account can purchase the resource and plug it directly into their new or ongoing campaign, providing searchable indexes, tokens and maps and fillable Strife player sheets.

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One of the benefits of a comprehensive module is how much work preloading scenes and connecting functions like dice rolls are done beforehand. Sean Nittner, who co-wrote Agon with Blades in the Dark creator John Harper, demonstrates that feature and some other key tips in an instructional video released in coordination with the compendium.

Agon is the latest RPG sourcebook from Harper and Nittner and puts players in the shoes of mythic Greek heroes traveling between islands to suss out their destiny. The game employs a system of assigning dice values to name attributes - monikers and patrons, such as “Fearless Heracles, son of Zeus” - that are used to overcome challenges both violent and rhetorical.

The heroes struggle to better the state of each island they visit and leave changed by the events, perhaps even dropping old names and adopting new ones. Their ultimate fate is shaped by the deeds and accomplishments of their life, and both collaboration and competition between players is encouraged.

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Last year, Harper and Nittner released Paragon, a system-agnostic SRD of Agon meant to allow other creators to design their own games using its framework. They published Chamber alongside as an example of what the Paragon system could support, showcasing an X-Files-meets-Cold War era propaganda game about a secret government agency tracking down reality warping entities from beyond Earth.

The three included modules - Agon Compendium, Islands of Agon and Artwork of Agon - can be purchased separately or as a bundle, the latter of which is currently priced at $24.99 (£18). Players will need a Roll20 account to use any part of the mythic bundle.

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