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Crossroads of Destiny retells the story of Team Avatar through a board game from the Disney Villainous team

Sokka gang won't need bending to win.

Avatar the Last Airbender: Crossroads of Destiny board game spill shot
Image credit: Prospero Hall/Viacom CBS

An upcoming board game from the studio behind the Disney Villainous series and Horrified retells the story of Avatar: the Last Airbender through a series of strategic scenarios that looks a bit like Jaws of the Lion mixed with Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught.

Avatar: Crossroads of Destiny, designed by the licensed tabletop game whizzes at Prospero Hall (aka Funko Games), puts players in the shoes of Team Avatar - Aang, Katarra, Sokka and Toph - in order to tackle a series of interconnected strategic battles set amongst the popular animated series’ main narrative.

All of the action takes place on a 9x9 map grid set in a spiral notebook that also doubles as the scenario guide and rulebook, a la Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Depending on the chosen scenario, Team Avatar will need to fight their way through Fire Nation soldiers and other obstacles to complete various types of missions. It’s not always a race to incapacitate the most goons in red, spiky armour.

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The core game comes with 15 narrative encounters that link together to form a “story-driven journey” across the four nations and eventually into a showdown with Fire Lord Ozai. Those more interested in a challenge than dramatisation can play one of 12 repeatable combat scenarios, instead.

While the press release provided to Dicebreaker didn’t include a thorough breakdown of the rules, images show a hand of cards that represent different bending abilities and martial moves, along with signature abilities that each playable character possesses. For example, Aang can discard a card from his hand to place an Air Tile anywhere on the board.

These elemental tiles likely create opportunities to affect nearby enemies, blasting them with rocks, disorienting them with air or freezing groups in place with ice. Much of the strategy seems to come from manoeuvring both the characters and their respective tiles about the board to set up advantages and execute combos. There’s also an experience track for campaign play that eventually allows players to unlock new abilities to add to their bending portfolio, becoming more adept and versatile as the story continues.

Avatar: Crossroads of Destiny is currently planning on a release date sometime in 2023. Dicebreaker has reached out to Prospero Hall for more information.

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