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Batman featured in new Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game spin-off

He is the world’s greatest detective, after all.

Batman: Everybody Lies is an upcoming board game that’s set to use the same system as the one created for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.

A co-op game about deduction and solving mysteries in the fictional city of Gotham, Batman: Everybody Lies will be the first of several tabletop titles featuring the caped crusader that will use the gameplay system introduced in Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. In Batman: Everybody Lies, two to four players become investigators determined to solve a series of crimes being committed in Gotham City, all of which seem to be strangely connected. It’s up to the players to decipher all the puzzles and solve the game’s ultimate mystery.

Players will be able to choose from four different playable characters - journalist Warren Spacey; reporter Vicki Vale; Harvey Bullock the detective and even Catwoman herself - as they team up to tackle a series of cases using a limited amount of both resources and time. In order to follow leads and gather more clues, players will travel to various iconic locations from the Batman universe, from Arkham Asylum to Blackgate Penitentiary, in order to find evidence and identify potential suspects.

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Along the way, players can expect to encounter a roster of classic Batman villains such as The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Mr Freeze, who may or may not be responsible for the crimes players are investigating. Players can also come across potential allies that they can call upon for assistance, including the Batman himself. Depending upon the character players have chosen to portray, they will be given hidden goals and secret win conditions that could even jeopardise the investigation - if they happen to be less noble than they first appear to be.

As an app-assisted board game, players will interact with both physical components and digital elements during their playthrough of Batman: Everybody Lies. Alongside a series of cards and physical handouts that they can examine, players will also have access to a dedicated website that they can browse in order to find information that could be important to their investigation from the Gotham City Gazette archives. Players win the game if they achieve their characters’ hidden win conditions, regardless of what they might be.

Batman: Everybody Lies was co-designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek - co-creator of the original Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game and the challenging co-op game Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island - and Weronika Spyra, who have both worked together on the streamlined spin-off title Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One and Dune: House Secrets.

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Portal Games, the publisher responsible for all of the previously released entries and spin-off titles in the Detective series, is partnering with the consumer products division of Warner Bros - which currently owns the licence to Batman - to release Batman: Everybody Lies.

The release date for Batman: Everybody Lies is set for Spring 2022, with the title due to be launched at a retail price of $50 (£36).

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