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Solve murder mysteries by deciphering dice rolls in board game Chronicles of Crime: The Mystery of Teotihuacan

A team-up between Lucky Duck Games and Board&Dice's popular series.

Team up with fellow investigators and scan dice with phones or tablets in order to unravel whodunnits in the upcoming board game Chronicles of Crime: The Mystery of Teotihuacan.

The co-operative title is the result of a design team-up between Lucky Duck Games and Board&Dice, each bringing elements of their own popular tabletop series. Chronicles of Crime, which was released in 2018, uses a companion app to scan QR codes printed on cards and figures to dole evidence and clues to players depending on the chosen narrative scenario.

Board&Dice published Teotihuacan: City of the Gods in the same year, delivering a now-popular dice placement game that has won several awards. Both titles have launched successful series sharing the mechanics and themes of the original.

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Together, the announced Chronicles of Crime: The Mystery of Teotihuacan sends a team of investigators to the ancient city residing in Mexico where they must roll dice and “solve” the results by scanning them with the game’s companion app. The pips on the dice faces construct unique patterns linked to specific clues, information or evidence. Random rolls, then, dictate the course of the scenario’s story to a large degree.

Players can manage that inherent variability through a few features, such as cards that allow dice to be added or subtracted to a potential roll, or even modifying the values once they have hit the table. Evidence can also be gathered from characters the team meets along the journey in the form of dice, which can be used to form clues instead of relying on the luck of rolls.

Board&Dice cut ties with Daniele Tascini - the original designer of Teotihuacan: City of the Gods - earlier this year over racist remarks and slurs used in Facebook messages with industry peers. Tascini later apologised but was publicly criticised for the lack of accountability in the statement.

“When called upon to make a statement and a strong apology, Mr. Tascini failed to acknowledge his wrongdoing, being primarily concerned with providing context to his racist remarks,” Board&Dice said at the time. “Words matter, but actions matter more.”

It is not clear if Tascini will be involved or credited on Chronicles of Crime: The Mystery of Teotihuacan. Dicebreaker has reached out to both publishers for more information. At this time, neither Board&Dice nor Lucky Duck Games has provided a release date or pricing information beyond "this summer", according to a Twitter post.

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