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Clank! board games will be published solely by Dire Wolf

Renegade Game Studios steps back.

The Clank! series of board games will now be published solely by developer Dire Wolf Games.

Announced via a press release, it was revealed that all future entries in the Clank! series of deckbuilding board games will be published under the Dire Wolf name, rather than being co-published alongside Renegade Game Studios.

President of Dire Wolf, Scott Martins, stated that when Clank! was first released in 2016, Dire Wolf was not “entirely sure” what the company was getting into nor how big “tabletop would become” for the studio. Though Martins was “grateful” for Renegade’s guidance and support on Clank!, the series has since “grown” alongside Dire Wolf with the company taking over the publishing rights for Clank! in the future.

Clank! board game cards

Besides developing and publishing Clank!, Dire Wolf is also responsible for releasing tabletop titles such as Dune: Imperium, a movie board game based on the recent adaptation of Frank Herbert’s series of sci-fi novels that was recently nominated for a Spiel des Jahres award, and an upcoming western-themed board game called Wild Tiled West.

Alongside tabletop games, Dire Wolf has also developed and released several digital board games including a video game version of the asymmetric title Root, the Viking-themed title Raiders of the North Sea and two-player card game The Fox in the Forest.

Renegade has previously released several tabletop titles such as the aforementioned Raiders of the North Sea and The Fox in the Forest, as well as Architects of the West Kingdom and several tabletop roleplaying games such as Kids on Bikes.

Wheels and Meehan play Clank!.

Clank! is a deckbuilding board game for two to four players designed by Dire Wolf VP of Design Paul Dennen. In the game, players delve into a dungeon to find and take treasure from a protective dragon, without getting caught out. Throughout the game, players take turns to play all the cards from their hand and perform the associated actions – such as moving between rooms and acquiring new cards from the market.

Should players ever play cards from their hand with ‘clank’ symbols shown on them, then players will need to place one of their coloured blocks into a pool on the board. Whenever a card depicting a dragon is drawn into the market, then all of the coloured blocks in the pool are placed into a dragon bag and then a certain number of blocks are randomly drawn from the bag. If a player’s coloured block is drawn from the dragon bag, then their character is caught by the dragon and suffers damage. Players will need to acquire a treasure and reach the upper end of the board in order to escape with any victory points. Whichever player has the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

Dire Wolf is yet to announce a new standalone entry in the Clank! Series.

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