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Cyberpunk Red releases free Cyberchair DLC in collaboration with D&D combat wheelchair designer

Night City’s hottest new ride.

Cyberpunk Red publisher R. Talsorian Games announced a new DLC on January 29th featuring an in-game accessory for disabled characters in its far-future, universe tabletop RPG setting.

The Rocklin Augmentics Spider Cyberchair is the result of collaboration with writer and designer Sara Thompson, whose previous work for R. Talsorian’s The Witcher RPG includes supplements for playing disabled Witchers and other characters in the dark fantasy world.

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Thompson is a staunch advocate for disabled representation in tabletop RPGs and just recently worked with Wizards of the Coast to develop Talin, an official character for its mobile game Idle Champions, who uses the combat wheelchair they designed. The combat wheelchair was originally released as a free set of rules for use in Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

“I wanted disabled folks, especially wheelchair users, to feel represented - to have mechanics for a mobility item that is often overlooked in sci-fi/fantasy genres,” Thompson told Dicebreaker. “I'm really proud of the finished mechanics and that R. Talsorian stepped up when they saw where they were failing with disability representation in their game.”

The cyberchair is a sleek and futuristic design, sporting a chair affixed to a metal base and ambulated by four robotic legs - hence the spider descriptor. Two feet rests and a pair of armrests with what looks like a digital touch screen and joystick-like controls finish out the construction. Stylistically, it fits well within the metallic industrial-lite world of Night City and other Cyberpunk metropolises.

The cyberchair was designed with existing wheelchairs and other mobility aids in mind, specifically how individuals can tailor their design and personalise their look. “The chair fills in for a lot of aspects that some people seem unaware of or rarely think about,” Thompson said. “For example, what if a character doesn't want an augmented limb or exo-skeleton? What if they can't afford one but can afford a wheelchair/cyberchair? What if they're a netrunner or techie with chronic illness or a disability that makes carrying all of their equipment difficult?”

Thompson shared the news on Twitter, seemingly incredulous that not only had they worked with R. Talsorian Games on an official piece of DLC but that the official artwork features a character based on their likeness sitting in the chair. “Nix Phosphate is a medtech with hEDS (hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) and resulting conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Essentially, they're like me!” they said.

The Rocklin Augmentics Cyberchair Line supplement is free on R. Talsorian’s website as a PDF with full ALT Text. The publisher also announced that a second printing of Cyberpunk Red, complete with all recent errata and changes and also available in full ALT Text, had shipped to retailers and distributors, so those looking to pick up a copy should keep their ocular implants well calibrated.

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