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Dungeons & Dragons queer characters found in this new supplement

Happy Pride Month!

Celebrate Pride Month through tabletop roleplaying games with this new supplement featuring queer non-player characters.

A supplement designed to be used with the fantasy RPG Dungeons & Dragons 5E, 25 Queer NPCs is a compendium for game masters and players to use to add diversity to their one-shot games and campaigns. Featuring 25 unique non-player characters – meaning characters that the GM controls instead of any players – the supplement offers options for GMs wanting to make their RPG games filled with LGBTQ+ representation and Pride.

Each character featured in the supplement is fully colour illustrated, has their own description and contains a ‘how to roleplay’ section to help GMs to get into character. The selection of NPCs available in the supplement is diverse, with not a single one identifying as straight. The roster is also diverse when it comes to species, skin colour and age, providing plenty of variety for GMs to implement into their stories.

An image of some pages from the 25 Queer NPCs supplement for D&D 5E.

Besides the details about the character’s personality, identity, orientation and aspects such as their stats and abilities, every non-player character included in the supplement has their own ‘ideas on how to use’ section to help guide GMs in where and how to introduce them to their players.

Apart from the roster of tabletop RPG NPCs, the supplement also features a new magic shop and inventory for GMs to include in their games. The shop contains a collection of magic items that players can get their hands on – if they have the coin – providing them with a powerful inventory for them to utilise throughout their adventures in D&D 5E.

The 25 Queer NPCs supplement was co-created by writer Cindy Paul and artist Renée Zonneveld, who collaboratively founded and run Ever After Print – a pro-LGBTQ+ publisher that has previously published various queer fiction books such as the supernatural Hepdale Rain series and graphic novel The Lucky House.

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Additional writing for the supplement was completed by Mattias, Emily Elvoid and Christoffer, with the book’s cover art being created by Marinda/Astermorn.

The Kickstarter campaign for 25 Queer NPCs is live until July 9, with a pledge of €29 (£25/$30) getting backers a physical copy of the book in January 2023. Alternatively, a PDF version of the book is available for a pledge of €15 (£13/$15).

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